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1956  Saturday Review - August 4, 1956 (Published weekly by the Saturday Review, Inc., New York) Blake, Peter Book Review: “Our Elder Spaceman”.  Review of  “An American Architecture,” by Frank Lloyd Wright (edited by Edgar Kaufman, Horizon Press, $10.00).  Wright’s first major contribution was the discovery of continuous space. Includes one photograph.  Original cover price $0.20. 8 x 11. Pg 22-3 1052.00.0906
1956  Architectural Record - December 1956 Anonymous Bust of Wright. Bust of Wright presented to him at the Convention of Architectural Woodwork Institute.  (Sweeney 1097) Pp 28 1097.00.0302
Waylite Masonry Ad for Waylight Masonry Units. Example of Erdman Homes, Madison Wisconsin Pp 84 1097.01.0302
Wright Manufacturing Co. Ad for Wright Manufacturing Co. (No relationship.) Wright rubber tile and the Johnson Wax Building. Photos of Johnson Wax Building and Wright. Pp 251 1097.02.0302
1956  Architectural Forum - August 1956 (Published by Time, Inc. New York) 1) Wright, Frank Lloyd; Zeckendorf, William   2) Swedish Crucible Steel Company 1) “Cities: Medieval or Modern.” Architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Real Estate Developer William Zeckendorf air differences on the future of the metropolis and the tall building.  Excerpts from a discussion telecast by WRCA-TV and NBC.   2) Ad: “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower Equipped with Solid Olsonite Seats.” Includes full page photograph of Price Tower.  Original List Price $1.00. 9x12. (Sweeney 1098) 1) Pp 151, 168, 172   2) Pp 15 1098.00.0406 1098.01.0406
House & Home - January 1956 (Published monthly by Time, Inc., New York) Anonymous "FLLW designs home furnishing. The furniture, fabrics and wall coverings you see here have been a subject of conversation among architects, buildings and decorations for two months. In November the first Frank Lloyd Wright designs in home furnishings appeared in stores throughout the country... A curved motif, not unlike the ancient Greek key design in reverse, characterizes the architectural theme of each piece - from stacking stool to fabric pattern..." Heritage Henredon...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1101) Pp 188 1101.00.1215
L’architettura - October 1956 (Published Monthly by ETAS, Milan, Italy) Anonymous "Frank Lloyd Wright, in Rome for a short visit, was guest of honor at a reception given by this magazine. The Italian Minister of Public Works and hundreds of authorities and artists paid a warm tribune to the American master. The Como <<Casa del Fascio>>, built in 1932-36 by Giuyseppe Terragni, is threatened by destruction. This is one of the rare Italian contributions of that period to modern architecture, which must be protected at all costs from building speculation..." Includes 7...  Continue... (Sweeney 1102) Pp 398-399, 456 1102.00.0417
1956  Architectural Forum - February 1956 (Published Monthly by Time, Inc. New York) Anonymous “Frank Lloyd Wright: After 36 years, his tower is completed.  On these pages are the pictures of a great artist’s imagination at work over the span of a generation.  Wright’s new tower, standing in the prairie town of Bartlesville...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1103) Pp Cover, 106-113 1103.00.0707
Tectum Ad: “Pioneer and master of the exposed ceiling concept... Frank Lloyd Wright.  For over fifty years the name Frank Lloyd Wright has signified freedom of architecture.”  Ad includes two photographs related to Wright buildings and...  Continue...   Pp 247-248 1103.01.0707
1956  Architectural Forum - February 1956 (Published Monthly by Time, Inc. New York) (Offprint) Anonymous "Frank Lloyd Wright: After 36 years, his tower is completed. On these pages are the pictures of a great artist’s imagination at work over the span of a generation. Wright’s new tower, standing in the prairie town of Bartlesville, Okla., is the realization of a serious prophecy of beauty and strength which began to grow a long time ago in the architect’s mind. Includes ten photographs and ten illustrations. Photographs by Joe D. Price. 9.3 x 12.25. (A reprint of pages 105-113, 12 pages) Pp 12 1103.02.0613

Architectural Forum - November 1956 (Published by Time, Inc. New York)

Anonymous "Frank Lloyd Wright Day proclaimed in Chicago; Taliesin endowment begun." Mayor Daley proclaims Wright Day October 17. Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.25.  (Sweeney 1105) Pp 21 1105.00.0205

House & Home - May 1956 (Published by Time, Inc., New York)

Anonymous "Frank Lloyd Wright". Four memorable homes by Wright. Mossberg House, South Bend, H&H 12/52; Walker House, Carmel, H&H 3/54; Neils House, Minneapolis, H&H 11/53; David Wright House, Phoenix, H&H 6/53. Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.5.  (Sweeney 1106) Pp 164-8 1106.00.0205
1956 Architectural Forum - November 1956 (Published by Time, Inc. New York) 1) Wright, Frank Lloyd  2) Wright Manufacturing Company 1) "Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mile High Office Tower." Four page fold out includes illustration and Wright’s description of "The Illinois" project.  2) Ad: Wright Rubber Tile and the Johnson’s Wax Building." Includes two photographs and a portrait of Wright.  Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.25.  (Sweeney 1108) 1) Pp 106a-d    2) Pp 214 1108.00.0205 1108.01.0205
House Beautiful - November 1956 (Published monthly by the Hearst Corporation, New York) Hill, John de Koven "The Look of American Life at the Top Level. Two new houses by Frank Lloyd Wright show the quality of life that is the American ideal. The two great houses shown on these eight pages are rich with the beauty that can be had in living at its best in America." Two homes include the Harold Price Sr. House (1954 - S. 378), Paradise Valley AZ and the Harold Price Jr. House (1953 - S. 363), Bartlesville, OK. Includes a floor plan for each and 15 photographs by Maynard Parker.  A) Ad...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1114)

Pp 258-65
A) Pp 98

House Beautiful - June 1956 (Published monthly by the Hearst Corporation, New York) Anonymous "How Fresh and Fitting Is the Furniture of Frank Lloyd Wright in Traditional Rooms. There is a warmth, richness and dignity in traditional furniture that we cannot – and should not – give up. Yet there is often a time when we should welcome the change, freshening up, as it were, of our rooms, if it did not mean sacrificing all these fine, traditional values in the process. Here, we believe, you can see the virtual miracle of the furniture of the world’s greatest modern designer at ease, at...  Continue... (Sweeney 1115) P 114-117 1115.00.0118
1956  Collier’s - August 3, 1956 Gross, Leonard Listen to Frank Lloyd Wright (Sweeney 1118) Pp 20-1 1118.00.1101
Arts & Architecture - October 1956 (Published monthly by John D. Entenza, Los Angeles, CA) McCoy, Esther Roots of California Contemporary Architecture. From an exhibition of the 1900 to 1935 work of Irving Gil, Green and Green, Bernard Maybeck, Richard Neutra, R. M. Schindler and Frank Lloyd Wright, sponsored by the Los Angeles City Art Department and Arranged by the Architectural Panel. The shape of architecture in California has been largely determined by several men, whose work in the first thirty years of this century is brought together by the architectural panel and exhibited under... Continue... (Sweeney 1119) Pp 14-17, 36-39 1119.00.0718
1956  Household - June 1956 Roland, Albert A Modern house in the Old West. Blair House, Cody, Wyoming  (Sweeney 1122)  For more information on the Blair Residence see our Wright Study. Pp Cover, 4 25-27 70 1122.00.0802
1956  Architectural Record - December 1956 Burnham, Alan; Pickens, Buford 7. Churches. Unity "Temple," Oak Park, Illinois, 1905-08, Frank Lloyd Wright. (Tied for thirteenth) (Sweeney 1124) Pp 180 1124.00.0302
1956  Architectural Record - October 1956 Kaufman, Edgar; Shear, John Knox One Hundred Years of Significant Buildings. 5: Houses Before 1907. Ward W. Willitts House  (Sweeney 1125) Pp 194 1125.00.0103
Rudolph, Paul The Six Determinants of Architectural Form (Includes two Wright photos) Pp 185-187 1125.01.0103
Anonymous Louis Sullivan. Includes mention of Wright. Pp 217-20 1125.02.0103
Anonymous Meeting the architect’s concept. High velocity air diffusion in the Price Tower. Pp 271 1125.03.0103
L’architettura No.9 - July 1956 (Published Monthly by ETAS, Milan, Italy) Pellegrin, Luigi Published in Italian. "Eredita dell’Ottocento: La decorazione ‘funzionale’ del primo Wright." (19th Century Origin: The ‘Functional’ Decoration of the First Wright.) "The second essay on Wright’s earlier works (see issue N.8) shows the functional value that decoration acquires in a number of his works before 1910. Wright’s decorative patterns have a determinating role in his design: they proportion the light, provide a volumetric effects. Wright seems to be abandoning decoration after 1920. His earlier experience,,, Continue...  (Sweeney 1127) Pp 198-203 1127.00.0417
1956  Time - June 11, 1956 Anonymous A review of author Jacques Barzun’s work. Includes a mention and portrait of Wright. (Sweeney 1130) Pp Cover 57-62 1130.00.1202
1956  Time - July 2, 1956 Anonymous The 20th Century Form Givers. Portrait and paragraph about Wright. (Sweeney 1131) Pp 51 1131.00.0802
Anonymous Art: The Maturing Modern. Article about Saarinen. Includes comments on Wright, and photo of the Price Tower. Pp 51, 50-7 1131.01.0802
Art News - February 1956 (Published monthly September to May, quarterly June-August by The Art Foundation, New York) Scully, Vincent J. Jr. Book Review: "Architecture and ancestor worship." An American Architecture, Wright/Kaufmann, 1855. "...In normal familial competition with this combination stands Frank Lloyd Wright, the archetype of the,,, Continue...  (Sweeney 1056 & 1135) Pp 26 56-57 1135.00.0316
Kaufmann, Edgar "Scraping the skies of Italy. A tower building, designed and now being built in Milan puts a new look on the old American art of skyscraper construction. ...No new tall buildings, I believe, so handsomely and so well conceived in structure...  Continue... Pp 38-41 1135.01.0316
1956  Architectural Forum - February 1956 (Published Monthly by Time, Inc. New York) Anonymous News: “Skies clearing for Wright’s ramp museum, synagogue. At the completion of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower in Bartlesville, Okla., it appears that 1956 would witness the start of construction on two more of Wright’s most spectacular designs.”  The Guggenheim Museum and the Beth Sholom Synagogue.  Wright was notified that Venice’s Artistic and Technical Commission had rejected his design for a glass-and-marble building on the famed Grand Canal.  Original List Price $1.00. 9.5 x 12.25 (Sweeney 1136) Pp 9 1136.00.0707

Newsweek - September 10, 1956 (Published weekly by Weekly Publications, Inc., Dayton, Ohio)

Anonymous "Tall Tale. Skyscrapers, said Frank Lloyd Wright, a sworn enemy of tall buildings, are ‘a landlord’s ruse to enable a lot area to be sold to the people over and over again as many times as steel can multiply it and engineers can make it stand up.’ Last week, it appeared that the nation’s chronically crusty mast architect was laying the ghost of his old complaint. For a fortnight, he had been working on plans for the behemoth of all world’s buildings, a mighty 510-story, mile-high... Continue...  (Sweeney 1137) Pp 98, 100 1137.00.0416
House & Home - September 1956 (Published monthly by Time Inc., New York) Anonymous Zimmerman House. "This rich and rhythmic house expresses 32 simple and basic design ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright. This is the Zimmerman house in Manchester, N. H., built on a one acre lot in 1951. It was designed for a doctor and his wife, whose children have grown up and moved away. It is a cold – country house, farthest east of all Wright’s houses. At first glance, it belongs to Wright’s prairie period, but it reflects the continuing evolution of the architects thought, with... Continue...  (Sweeney 1138) Pp 136-141 1138.00.1117
1956  Arizona Highways - February 1956 Frank Lloyd Wright, Intro Carlson, Raymond Architecture: Organic Expression of the Nature of Architecture  (Sweeney 1142) (Two Copies) Cov, 1, 12-29, 41 1142.00.0699 1142.00.0802

Architectural Forum - October 1956. (Published by Time, Inc., New York)

1) Anonymous 2) McQuade, Walter 1) "Wright sketches 510-story office tower, round blue-roof Greek Orthodox church. Mile High Skyscraper". "The Illinois", Chicago, Gree Orthodox Church, Milwaukee, Monona Terrace, Madison.  2) Related: "Sullivan Survives" (unrelated to Wright). Original List Price $1.00. 9.5 x 12.25. (Sweeney 1147) 1) Pp 17  2) Pp 156-161 1147.00.0205 1147.08.0205

Architectural Forum - October 1956. (Published by Time, Inc., New York)

1) Anonymous  2) Anemostat Corp. 1) "Reception Rooms". (Full page photograph of interior of Johnson Wax building.)  2) Ad: "High velocity air diffusion in the Price Tower". (Includes three photographs.) Original List Price $1.00. 9.5 x 12.25. 1) Pp 162  2) Pp 217 1147.09.0205 1147.10.0205
1956  Architectural Forum - September 1956 Sloan Flush Valves Ad: Vertical Masterpiece in a horizontal city. Includes photo and text about Price Tower. Pp 8 1147.03.0404
Anonymous People: Tickets Please. Wright’s attempt to revitalize Capital buildings. Pp 37 1147.04.0404
Bauer, Catherine First Job: Control New-City Sprawl. Includes "The Anti City", text, photo and caption about Wright and Broadacre. Pp 105-9 1147.05.0404
Jones, Cranston Views compared by leading architects. Includes text and photo about Wright. Pp 146-9 1768 172 176 1147.06.0404
Anonymous High velocity air diffusion in the Price Tower. Pp 200 1147.07.0404
1956  Life Magazine - March 5, 1956 Anonymous Spreading out, stretching up. Includes text and one photo about the Dana House. Pg 98-9 1147.01.0502
1956  Picture Week - January 17,1956 Anonymous Five Minutes with Frank Lloyd Wright Pp 14-16 1147.02.0403
Time - September 10, 1956 (Published by Time, Inc., New York) Anonymous (Mile High Building) In Chicago, testy old (87) Architect Frank Lloyd Wright casually disclosed his latest high-flown fantasy: a one-mile-high, 510-story office building for the Loop. Topped with a 330-ft. TV antenna, it would be four times taller than the Empire State Building. "It’s perfectly scientific, and perfectly feasible.’ he said, brushing aside questions on how he would get 100,000 office workers in and out of the building on time, or what he would do about the planes that cross the area at...  Continue... Pp 52 1131.02.0815
1956  Tempo - July 10, 1956 (Published bi-weekly by Enterprise Magazine Management Inc., Atlanta, Georgia) Anonymous "Shift to the Shaft? A fight is shaping up over the shape of tomorrow’s towns... A leader for the uplift is Frank Lloyd Wright, who recently hoisted a skyscraper on he Oklahoma plains. His reasons, told in his ‘The Story of the Tower’ (Horizon Press, N.Y.): In the country, the skyscraper has no competition form surrounding buildings, and gives a wide view of the count4ryside..." Includes one photograph of he Price Tower. Original cover price 15c. 4 x 6. Pp 56-7 1147.48.1012
1957  Architectural Forum - December 1957 Anonymous Book Review: A Testament Pp 163 1158.01.0602

Architectural Forum - March 1957 (Published by Time, Inc. New York)

Anonymous "Chicagoans rally to save Wright’s Robie House." Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.25. (Sweeney 1164) Pp 9 1164.00.0205
L’architettura - No.22 - August 1957 (Published Monthly by ETAS, Milan, Italy) Anonymous Published in Italian. "Una democrazia festosa e aderente alle tradizioni: I1 'Capitol' dell'Arizona, architetto Frank Lloyd Wright." (A festive and adhering to tradition: Arizona's Capitol, architect Frank Lloyd Wright." Article on the Arizona Capital Building Project, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Probono. Includes two illustrations. Original cover price Lire 800. 9.6 x 12.75. (Sweeney 1166) Pp 250 1166.00.0417
1957  Architectural Forum - April 1957 (Published Monthly by Time, Inc. New York) Anonymous News: “FLLW fighting to design new Arizona capitol.” Wright release sketches of the kind of capitol he felt would be most appropriate for Arizona.  Original List Price $1.00.  9.25 x 12.25. (Sweeney 1168) Pp 7, 9 1168.00.1006
  News: “Robie House fate uncertain.” Chicago Theological Seminary confirmed intentions to demolish Robie House. Several new campaigns to save the house and Wright was taking the lead. Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.25. Pp 9 1168.01.1006
1957  Coronet - August 1957 Anonymous Frank Lloyd Wright: Architectures Stormy Colossus.  (Sweeney 1169) Pp 83 - 93 1169.00.0501
1957  True - May 57 Gross, Martin L. Master of the Broken Rule  (Two Copies)  (Sweeney 1171) Pp 18-20 22 24 26 122-6 1171.00.0102 1171.00.0802
1957  Art in America - Fall 1957 Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr. Frank Lloyd Wright 3 new churches. Beth Sholem Synagogue, Philadelphia.  Greek Orthodox Church, Milwaukee.  Christian Science Church, Bolinas, California.  (Sweeney 1175)  Pp 22-25 1175.00.1202
1957  House & Home - May 1957 (Published monthly by Time Inc., New York) Anonymous 1) “1900's: Birth of an idea.” “House of the Century: Since 1857 not house has had more influence.” Robie House.  2) “1930's: Dramatization of an idea.” Fallingwater.  Includes 3 photos and 3 illustrations. Original cover price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.5. (Sweeney 1178) Pp Cover 110 116 121 1178.00.0706
Architectural Record - February 1957 (Published monthly by the F. W. Dodge Corporation, New York) 1) Burnham, Alan; Egbert, Donald D.; Kaufmann, Edgar 2) Hamlin, Talbot F. 3) Morrison, Hugh 4) Hamlin, Talbot F.; Taylor... "One Hundred Years of Significant Building. 9: Houses since1907. Eleven of the fourteen houses nominated by Architectural Record’s panel have been built in the past fifty years and are presented herewith. The three built before 1907 were published in the fifth installment of this series and include the first of the five houses with which Frank Lloyd Wright dominates the residential sections. 1) Robie House... Tied for first. 2) Fallingwater... Tied for first. 3) Taliesin West... Second. 4) Avery Coonley and... Continue... (Sweeney 1179) Pp 199-206 1179.00.0617
L’architettura - No.15 - January 1957 (Published Monthly by ETAS, Milan, Italy) Pellegrin, Luigi Published in Italian. "Eredita dell’Ottocento: La sintesi culturale del primo Wright." (19th Century Heritage: The First Wright Cultural Synthesis.) "The third article on the early work of F. Ll. Wright (See L’a, nos. 8 and 9), analyses the buildings by the American master since 1895. In these two pages are Wright’s first office at Oak Park and a house at River forest. The four following pages give a series of houses which show Wright’s eclectic but organically disciplined inspiration. The historical origins of... Continue... (Sweeney 1182) Pp 666-671 1182.00.0417
1957  Architectural Forum - April 1957 (Published Monthly by Time, Inc. New York) Anonymous “Proposed State Capitol for Arizona by Frank Lloyd Wright.”  Foldout insert on beige paper includes description and two illustrations. Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.25. (Sweeney 1185) Pp 108a-d 1185.00.1006
1957  Architectural Forum - April 1957 (Published Monthly by Time, Inc. New York) Anonymous Editorial: “The value of used architecture.”  A case for preserving the Robie House.  Includes one photograph.  Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.25. (Sweeney 1192) Pp 108-109 1192.00.1006
1957  look9-17-57 2.jpg (6704 bytes) Look Magazine - September 17, 1957 Peter, John A Visit with Frank Lloyd Wright.  (Sweeney 1194) Pp 28-37 1194.00.0501
Peter, John Two weeks with a genius.  Pp 128 1194.01.0501
AIA Journal - August 1957 (Published monthly by The American Institute of Architect, New York) (Digital Version) 1) Perrin, Richard W. E.
2) Volckers, Otto
Save The Robie House. Part 1) Letter to Dr. Arthur McGiffert, President, Chicago Theological Seminary. "To the chorus of protests, which by this time must be quite annoying, I feel that I must, nevertheless, add my own voice concerning the danger of destruction which seems to threaten the Frederick Robie House... My own feelings concerning Mr. Wright's work are adequately summarized by the well-known German critic, Dr. Otto Volckers. I am taking the liberty of enclosing my own..."  Continue...   (Sweeney 1195) Pp 247-248 1195.00.0618
1957  Saturday Review - December 21, 1957 Wiener, Paul Lester Book Review: "Titan of Taliesin". Book review of "A Testament". Pg 18-19 1197.00.0203
1957  Architectural Forum - November 1957 Anonymous News: Wisconsin governor signs spite bill that kills Frank Lloyd Wright’s Madison civic center. (Sweeney 1198) Pp 7, 9 1198.00.0602
Saturday Review - September 28, 1957 (Published weekly by Saturday Review, Inc., New York) Wright, Frank Lloyd "Architecture and Music. Music and architecture blossom on the same stem - sublimated mathematics. Mathematics as presented by geometry. Instead of the musician’s systematic staff and intervals, the architect has a modular system as the framework of design. My father, a preacher and music-teacher, taught me to see – to listen – to a symphony as an edifice of sound..." Includes an illustration of Unity Temple and a phonograph... Continue... (Sweeney 1199) Pg 72-73 1199.00.0115
1957  Life Magazine - May 13, 1957 Anonymous Wright Picks a Fight in Arizona: Architect scorns a skyscraper and offers a weird substitute.  (Sweeney 1203) Pg 59 1203.00.0302
1957  Life Magazine - June 3, 1957  (Published weekly by Time, Inc. Chicago) Schultz, Gerhard; Rogers, Charles; Entwistle... Letters: “Wright Picks a Fight.”  Three letters published in response to the article in the May 13, 1957 issue.  “ an example of Arizona’s gross stupidity...”  “Wright must think Arizona is inhabited by rockheads.”  “Wright picks fights all...  Continue...   Pg 16 1203.01.0507
Anonymous “Notable Modern Buildings”  Architects Institute picks outstanding designs of past decade. Includes caption and full page photograph of the Price Tower, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  Original cover price 20 cents.  10.5 x 14. Pg 62

Architectural Forum - December 1957

Anonymous News; Wright, Sandburg steal Chicago Dynamic Show. (Sweeney 1204) Pp 12 14 1204.00.0602
1957  Architectural Forum - March 1957 (Published by Time, Inc. New York) 1) Anonymous  2) Vampco Aluminum Products, Ltd. 1) "Wright to design Bagdad opera." Wright to travel to Bagdad. Includes Portrait.  2) Ad: "Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower." Aluminum windows by Vamco.. Includes photograph of Price Tower.  Original List Price $1.00. 9.25 x 12.25.  (Sweeney 1205) 1) Pp 97  2) Pp 157 1205.00.0205 1205.17.0205
Bauwelt, Issue 21 - May 27, 1957 (Bauwelt Verlag, Berlin-Tempelhof) Anonymous Published in German. "Frank Lloyd Wright baut in die Höhe." (Frank Lloyd Wright is building up.) Two page article on Wright’s Mile High Building "The Illinois." Includes 6 illustration of the Mile High Building. 8.25 x 11.75 Pp 484-485 1205.79.0617
1957  Chicago Sun-Times - Robie House News Clippings - 3/19/57 Moore, Ruth Raze Robie House? Wright Joins Battle. News clippings about the possible destruction of the Robie House. Includes two photos. Wright standing at entrance to Robie House with cane in hand. Interior photo of Wright pointing with cane. Pp 3 1205.03.0302
1957  Chicago Area Newspaper  - Robie House News Clippings - March 1957 Anonymous Raze Robie House? Wright Furious. News clippings about the possible destruction of the Robie House. Includes photo of Robie House    1205.04.0302
1957  Chicago Area Newspaper - Robie House News Clippings - March 1957 Dalton, Pat, A He Designed Your House. Modern Homes Patterned After Frank Lloyd Wright Ideas. News clippings about the possible destruction of the Robie House. Includes photo of Wright standing at entrance to Robie House with cane in hand.    1205.05.0302
1957  Chicago Area Newspaper - Robie House News Clippings - March 1957 Anonymous Famed Wright Home in Peril? News clippings about the possible destruction of the Robie House. Dated on back of clipping before 3/30/57    1205.06.0302
1957  Chicago Area Newspaper - Robie House News Clippings - March 1957 Anonymous Save The Robie House, German Artists Urge. News clippings about the possible destruction of the Robie House.    1205.07.0302
1957  Independent Journal (Marin County) - August 7, 1957 Anonymous "New Red Charges Hurled at Wright: Mrs. McDougall Shows ‘Red Front’ Report; Fusselman Challenges Contract’s Validity". Charges hurled by opponents of Wright designed Civic Center. Defendants point out Wright spoke out against communists. Pp 1, 4 1205.16.0704
Life Magazine - November 11, 1957 (Published weekly by Time Inc., Chicago) Anonymous Although these Fiberthin Air House variations are not credited to Frank Lloyd Wright, in 1956-7 Wright designed four variations of Fiberthin Air Houses for the U. S. Rubber Company. Caption: "Nylon Airhouses pop up on a university campus in Kentucky. Made of U. S. Rubber Company’s Fiberthin, a vinyl-covered nylon fabric four times as strong as waterproof canvas yet 40% lighter in weight, domelike houses are kept up by air, pumped in by small blowers. They are anchored at base by ballast ring of sand or water...  Continue...   Pg 134-137 1205.86.1017
1957  Modern Photography - September 1957  (Published monthly by Photography Publishing Corp., New York) Eisenstaedt, Alfred; Keppler, Herbert “Assignment: Portrait, Photographer: Eisenstaedt, Shooting Time: 45 Minutes. The greatness of a photographer can sometimes be measured by his contact sheets.  There, at the press of his shutter release, you can study and learn from each success or failure. Here then, from the files of Life photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, are six pages of final prints and contact sheets, his own words and thoughts as he photographed FLW.”  Includes 34 photographs.  Original cover price 35 cents.  8.25 x 11.1. Pp 52-57 110-112 1205.27.0707
1957  National Geographic - February 1957 Bowie, Beverley M. Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright, Johnson Wax Pp 176-9 1205.02.0801
1957  Popular Mechanics - July 1957 Whittaker, Wayne How the Prefabs Got That Custom Look Pp 91-96 1205.01.0301
1957  This Week Magazine - January 27, 1957 (Published Weekly by United Newspapers Magazine Corporation, New York.) Wright, Frank Lloyd “This Way To Beauty.” Have you ever said, “It’s beautiful, but it isn’t practical”? Then read this.  Wright discusses beauty. Includes one photograph. 11 x 13.5. Pp 2 1205.20.1106
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