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Circa 1930
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan (Soft Cover) (Published by the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan) Imperial Hotel Pictorial booklet of the Imperial Hotel with one illustration on the cover, 10 color photographs on the inside. Booklet is published back to front, and right to left. Cover: This illustration was made after the completion of the Imperial Hotel (circa 1923-24) , according to "The Imperial, the First 100 Years", 1990, p. 119. Page 1) Main entrance looking past the reflecting pool (possibly circa 1927). Page 2) Main dining room, circa 1927. Very similar to a post card dated 1927...  Continue...    Pp 16 0249.34.1213
Circa 1930
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan (Soft Cover) (Published in English and Japanese by the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan) Imperial Hotel Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan Circa 1930, possibly as early as mid 1920 (1915 - S.194). Printed in English and Japanese. Pictorial booklet of the Imperial Hotel with one illustration on the cover, 10 color photographs on the inside. Booklet is published back to front, and right to left. Cover: This illustration was made after the completion of the Imperial Hotel (circa 1923-24) , according to "The Imperial, the First 100 Years", 1990, p. 119. English text on page 1: "The Jewel of The Orient...  Continue...    Pp 16 0249.46.0417
Our Life in the Jiyu Gakuen (Soft Cover) Wright, Frank Lloyd Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ School, Class of 1923.  Introduction by Wright. Includes history of School as well as photos of the school. 7 x 10. (First Edition) Pp 64 0229.01.0405
RevoltinArts 2.jpg (4525 bytes)
Revolt in the Arts  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Brentano's, New York) Wright, Frank Lloyd Architecture - "In Between".  Chapter by Frank Lloyd Wright, (First Edition) Pp 123-4, 322, 327-9 0228.01.1101
The New World Architecture  (Published by Longmans, Green and Co., London, New York, Toronto)  (Hard Cover) Cheney, Sheldon Page vii, Author’s Acknowledgment, second sentence: “But I should like to say a word of direct thanks to certain architects who have given me freely of their time and their ideas: most particularly Frank Lloyd Wright, ...” Second paragraph: “For illustrations, I am especially indebted to Hugh Ferriss for permission to reproduce six of his drawings; and to Frank Lloyd Wright for the fine series of photographs of his earlier and later work...  Continue...    Pp 404 0249.02.0207
The Scarlet Riders (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago. Printed on beige laid paper with a watermark that includes a scale hanging within a circle and the text "Utopian." Top edges trimmed, others uncut.) Harrison, Edith Ogden A romantic, western novel about train robbery, banditry and the Royal Mounted Police of Saskatchewan. "...He handed her the little yellow envelope and bowed ceremoniously to Maitland. ‘Even in the eyes of your own social world, Lady Millicent,’ he proceeded, ‘the man whom you have chosen will be regarded as a fit mate for you. His present victory over all his adversaries is only the presage of other and more brilliant victories to come. I have the...  Continue...    Pp 188 0249.38.0814
War Madness (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago) Printed on beige laid paper with the watermark: "[Scale] Utopian." Top edge trimmed, others uncut. Capes, Edith Besly Chapter 1: "The fifteenth of April, nineteen hundred and fifteen, dawned bright and clear, with sunlight sparkling on the water. A few robins trilled in the trees, which showed a faint tracery of green. The grass had lost its sere, brown look and gave promise of awakening life. Here and there on the lawn, crocuses held up their cups. A deep blue had replaced the dull grey sky of winter. Once more the earth lived. The soft breath of the wind blowing in at an open window touched caressingly the cheek of a girl...  Continue...    Pp 186 0249.59.1220
KahnA 2.jpg (5607 bytes)
Modern Architecture, Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930  (Hard Cover - Printed)  (Published by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey) Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright delivered a series of six lectures at Princeton University in 1930.  The six lectures included ”Machine, Materials and Men”; “Style in Industry”; “The Passing of the Cornice”; “The Cardboard House”; “The Tyranny of the Skyscraper”; “The City”. In 1953, this book was reprinted in full as part of “The Future of Architecture” pages 67-182 (S.913). Book Review in Saturday Review(Designed Cover)  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 250) Pp 115 0250.00.0801 0250.02.0518
Modern Architecture, Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930  (Hard Cover - Cloth)  (Published by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey) Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright delivered a series of six lectures at Princeton University in 1930.  The six lectures included ”Machine, Materials and Men”; “Style in Industry”; “The Passing of the Cornice”; “The Cardboard House”; “The Tyranny of the Skyscraper”; “The City”.  In 1953, this book was reprinted in full as part of “The Future of Architecture” pages 67-182 (S.913).  This cloth cover edition is exactly the same as the above printed...  Continue...   (Sweeney 250) Pp 115 0250.01.0501 0250.03.1011
Two Lectures on Architecture (Soft Wrap Around Cover) (Published by The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago. Printed by The Lakeside Press, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, Chicago.) Wright, Frank Lloyd The text of the two lectures given to The Art Institute of Chicago on October 1&2, 1930. Two thousand copies were printed. Original SC List Price $0.75. In 1953, this book was reprinted in full as part of "The Future of Architecture" pages 183-219 (S.913). Photographs and illustrations include: Office Building project, Taliesin (4), Midway Gardens, St. Marks Tower, Ennis Residence, Gordon Strong Project. 7.5 x 10.5. (First Edition) (Three copies, one missing DJ) (Sweeney 261) Pp 63 0261.00.0902 0261.01.0907 0261.02.1016
Helvetia by Her Mother: A fragmentary Diary (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago, Ill. Blue paper covered boards with dark blue cloth spine. Decorative color title label is mounted to the front cover. Top edges trimmed, others uncut.) Brown, Helen Deshler "Helvetia took complete possession of me in Switzerland! I didn’t know it at the time. I thought I was just drinking in the beauties of Lake Leman and its mountains... As I look back over the long interlude I realize how many false values of life have fallen away from me and how the non-essentials have retreated to their merited obscurity. Time should never be measured by hours and minutes but by each individual’s complete oblivion to it or vivid consciousness...  Continue...  Pp 54 0300.07.0114
New Lyrics And a Few Old Ones (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago. Printed on beige paper, with the Watermark: A scale within a circle with the text "Utopian." Top edges trimmed, others uncut. Brown title box pasted on black cloth spine.) Lee, Agnes (Mrs. Freer) "For most of the poems appearing in this volume thanks are due to Poetry, a Magazine of Verse (Chicago). Fifteen are here reprinted from an earlier book of the Author’s, Faces and Open Doors, published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour in 1922. Others have been in magazines. A compilation of 39 poems in three sections. "The reading of Agnes Lee's poems may never have been the privilege of the wide audience upon whose approbation the literary career is supposed...  Continue...  Pp 57 0300.13.0519
The Case of Frank L. Smith, A Study in Representative (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by The University of Chicago Press, Chicago.) Wooddy, Carroll Hill The intrinsic interest attaching to the case of Frank L Smith would perhaps in itself justify an intensive exploration of its development and implications. Here, surely, is drama cast in the bold outline so characteristic of the ruggedness of American life! The cast of characters lacks neither heroes nor villains, sinister embodiments of evil nor bold champions of virtue. ...But more than this the career of this long-time participating in the political life of a great commonwealth offers...  Continue...  Pp 393 0300.12.0518
The Theory of Evolution (An Inquiry), From A Lawyer’s Point of View. (Hard Cover, Burgundy Cloth, Gold paper label glued to face and spine.) (Published by The Lakeside Press: Chicago. For Private Circulation.) Originally published anonymously in 1929. This third edition uses his name and includes a portrait.) Moore, Nathan G. Third edition includes a preface, dated February 1931. Part I: As Applied to Man; Part II: As Applied to Nature; From A Lawyer’s Point of View. In his conclusion to part one, Moore argues that "The proposition of a common origin of living things is therefore completely disproved. These groups of living beings exist, and each family may be traced back to its own recognizable head, but not a common unit... It is therefore completely untenable... The...  Continue...  Pp 374 0300.06.0212

When I Was At Farmington (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Fine Arts Building, Chicago)

Ferry, Abby Farwell  "Introduction. My devotion to our beloved Miss Porter I am demonstrating as best I can by compiling these memories of Farmington days. I am only too well aware that I am unworthy the task: ceaseless work cannot take the place of efficiency; the only thing I can claim is, that I have done as well as I could under the circumstances. A word about these circumstances will not be amiss, I hope, and will throw about me some feeling of encouragement knowing that you will...  Continue...  Pp 296 0300.11.1217
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Rebel... Prophet... Genius
NOVEMBER 9th (1932)     8:30p.m.
Albright Art Gallery This poster announced Frank Lloyd Wright's lectures on Modern Architecture.  This was two years after he spoke at Princeton.  Those lectures were published in 1931, in his book called MODERN ARCHITECTURE, Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930.  My assumption would be that since the title was the same, he spoke on some of the same subjects that were published in his book.  Along the lines of a "Book Tour".   0250.02.0401
Frank Lloyd Wright, Architecte Americain. Extrait de "L'Architecture Vivante" (Excerpt from "Living Architecture"). Publication Etablie Par Les Soins Des Editions Albert Morance, A Paris, 30-32, Rue De Fleurus. (Publication Established By The Care Of Editions Albert Morance, In Paris, 30-32, Rue De Fleurus.). (Published by Albert Morance, Paris) Basdovici, Jean Published in French, this volume is a reprint of an extensive article on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, first published in the French publication "L’Architecture Vivante," Summer 1930, pp. 49-76, plates 26-50 (Sweeney 229). "Frank Lloyd Wright. Nous avons souvent montre dans l'Architecture Vivante, que le sens de sens de l'utile n'excluait nullement la recherche du beau..." (We have often shown in "Living Architecture" that the sense of meaning... Continue... (Sweeney 301) Pp 32, Plus 25 Plates 0301.00.0519
ModernArch 2.jpg (6031 bytes)
Modern Architecture: Museum of Modern Art.  International Exhibition. New York Feb. 10 To March  23, 1932. Museum of Modern Art. (MOMA) (Published by the Museum of Modern Art, New York) Hitchcock, Henry-Russell, Jr. A catalogue for the exhibit held at MOMA on the leaders of the International Style. Part II, First Chapter “Frank Lloyd Wright.” Includes a biography on Wright; Description of the “Model in the Exhibition: Project for House on the Mesa, Denver Colorado”;  Chronology of his life; List of work completed through 1932; Seven photographs and five illustrations. This copy library bound and cover pasted on front and back (5000 original copies were printed.) 7.5 x 10. (Sweeney 302) Pp 29-55 0302.00.0201
An Autobiography  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Longmans, Green and Company, London, New York, Toronto) Wright, Frank Lloyd Frank Lloyd Wright divided his autobiography into four sections. Book One Family, Fellowship; Book Two Work; Book Three Freedom. The fourth section, Photographs, which includes 65 photographs. Wright designed the title page for each section. 500 copies were printed of this edition. (See Frank Lloyd Wright Versus America, Johnson, 1990, Page 37) (First Edition) (Sweeney 303) Two copies. 7.25 x 9.25 Pp 371 0303.00.0202 0303.00.1217
The Disappearing City (Published by William Farquhar Payson, New York)  (Hard Cover DJ) Wright, Frank Lloyd The Disappearing City was rewritten in 1945 and published as "When Democracy Builds."  It was rewritten again in 1958 as  "The Living City."  In 1969 Horizon Press published a new boxed version with Wright's hand written revisions titled "The Industrial Revolution Runs Away."   (First Edition)  (Sweeney 328) For more information see our Wright Study on The Disappearing City. Pp 90 0328.00.0405
The Disappearing City (Published by William Farquhar Payson, New York)  (Hard Cover) Wright, Frank Lloyd This copy matches the copy with a DJ.  It has a small label that is glued to the cover.  Second copy.  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 328) For more information see our Wright Study on The Disappearing City. Pp 90 0328.01.0303
The Disappearing City (Possible Popular Edition) (Published by William Farquhar Payson, New York) (Hard Cover) Wright, Frank Lloyd Sweeney indicates that a popular edition of the book was published. The only difference between the two copies is the cover. Cover A was produced by Payson. Blue cloth boards with a small label on the front board. The label is a smaller version of the illustration on dust jacket. There is no text on either the front or spine. The two-color dust jacket designed by Wright covered the front and back. It included the publisher's...  Continue...  (Sweeney 328) For more information see our Wright Study on The Disappearing City. Pp 90 0328.02.0402 0328.03.0819
Fur and Feathers and a Few Other People (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago) Heron, Grace "Fur and Feathers is Book Number One of the Checker Series." A collection of verses and short stories for children. Seymour also published "What Word Will You Choose," by Heron, 1932. The dust jacket is a decorative transparent tissue. 7.5 x 9.25. (First Edition) Pp 50 0361.06.0315
Songs And Sonnets, 1915-1932 (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago. Printed on stiff, possibly handmade paper. Top is trimmed and gilt, others untrimmed.) Wyman, Rebecca McDoel A compilation of 44 Songs and Sonnets by Rebecca McDoel Wyman. "Offering. I am a string of antique Chinese jade // Sent as a gift to my heart's emperor. // Hang me about the throat, // I'll turn as warm as pebbles in June sun. // Shut me again in my dark box and pass, // I'll stay as cool as twilight air in spring, // I'll be as meaningless as clouded glass." "Copyright 1832 by Mrs. William K. Kenly." Kenly was the author’s mother. Rebecca McDoel Wyman past away in 1932...  Continue...   Pp 77 0361.10.0317
What Word Will You Choose? (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago, Ill) Heron, Grace "Did you ever try weighing and testing and measuring words against each other to catch their scintillating facets of exact meaning, as a jewel does his gens? All words are worthy in their place and requirement, for every one of them is a faithful conveyor of some meaning..." Cover and title page designed by Ralph Fletcher Seymour. Eight chapters, each begin with stylized initial capital letter. Printed cover is wrapped around stiff boards, folded and glued to...  Continue...   Pp 34 0361.03.1213
An Autobiography  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Longmans, Green and Company, London, New York, Toronto) Wright, Frank Lloyd

Description: First published in 1932. This Autobiography is divided into four books. "Book One: Family, Fellowship." Back cover: "An Autobiography. From Generation To Generation." "Book Two: Work." Back cover: "From Generation To Generation. An Autobiography." "Book Three: Freedom." Back cover: "From Generation To Generation. An Autobiography." Book Four: "Photographs." Back cover: two horizontal lines. Photographs: includes 65 photographs... Continue... (Sweeney 303)

Pp 371 plus 22 pages of photographs 0303.02.0603 0303.04.0319 0303.05.0420
Decorative Art. The Studio Year Book (Hard Cover) (Published by The Studio Limited, London, and The Studio Publications, Inc., New York) Edited By: Holme, C. G. "Students of this Year Book cannot failed to have noticed within the last few years many great changes and improvements in the design of the objects we produced in its pages. Greater simplicity, efficiency and attractiveness characterize the industrial products that have been selected, and change is especially noticeable in these industrially produced articles..." Includes one photograph of the model for The House On The Mesa (Broadacre City). Caption: "Frank Lloyd Wright... Continue...  Pp 140 0370.16.0319
Hetaira (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, 410 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago) Brown, Cornelia Dodd "Foreword: Athens, for once, had a grey, heavy sky; during the night, fog had been coming in from the distant sea. Just before noon, showers caught me near a curious little shop... I moved toward this brilliant object and bent forward to examine it. Exquisitely sculptured, the figure of a woman stood there in a flowing Grecian robe. Beneath the perfectly carved sandals, was one word: Hetaira. The sheer beauty of this thing was genius; Greek genius of long ago. 5.5 x 8 (First Edition) Pp 293 0370.15.0116
ModernArt-Craven 2.jpg (4783 bytes)
Modern Art: The Men, the Movement, the Meaning  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Simon and Schuster, New York) Craven, Thomas Chapter 14 - An American Architect  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 371) Pp 273-289 0371.00.0401
Commonplace Book 1854-1934. (Cover affixed to stiff covers.) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago) Signed by the author. "Ellen Dear, Remembering our many happy times. Love Always, Ruth." Compiled by: Jeffries, Ruth Gaddis "The young ladies of the middle of the last century did not keep diaries as do the girls of today, telling of their dates and various and sundry swains and suitors and their secret thoughts; but kept what they called their "Common Place Book" – just their thoughts on the common place things of this life, and, as we shall see, many thoughts of the next! Original poems, written both by themselves and their closest friends, and selections of the best loved ones of their times were gathered...  Continue...  Pp 29 0376.01.0517
Arizona Biltmore (Published by Arizona Biltmore Estates, Inc., Phoenix, AZ) Arizona Biltmore Estates, Inc. An important booklet that documents the early days of the Arizona Biltmore. Designed in 1927, Frank Lloyd Wright assisted Albert McArthur with the design of the hotel. According to Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, during dinner with Frank Lloyd Wright, Benjamin Adelman turned to Mr. Wright and asked: "Mr. Wright, there is so much mystery about who designed this hotel, you or Albert Chase McArthur. Can’t you clear it up once and for all?" Mr. Wright turned his head in...  Continue...  Pp 32 0397.35.0315
ArtInAmericaI 2.jpg (4325 bytes)
Art In America  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Reynal & Hitchcock, New York) Hitchcock, Henry Russell Jr Chapter VI. III. Wright and the International Style (Third Edition) Pp 128-130 0377.01.0401
Through The Years, Poems by Elizabeth Newell (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago. Printed on laid paper with "Town Crier Text (American)" watermark. Text is repeated upside down.) Newell, Elizabeth Signed by the Author. "Poems which have been printed before are included in this collection by courtesy of and with the consent of The Curtis publishing Company and other publications." A compilation of 90 poems. This volume was dedicated to the Terre Haute Pen and Brush Club. The club was established in 1920. In 1925 and 1934, Newell was a Vice President. Original list price $1.50. 6 x 8.25 (First Edition) Pp 107 0397.21.0414
Anniversary And Other Poems (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago. Top and bottom edges trimmed. Side uncut.) Thayer, Harriet Maxon A compilation of 39 poems by Harriet Maxon Thayer. "Anniversary. Again he didn't understand her quite, because of that familiar way she had, Of skipping have a dozen steps or so, In a literal argument, arriving so, At what, to her, perhaps, seemed logical, As in he knows on face..." Inscribed: M. H. Moran, from Maxie - Harriet Moxon Thayer. Original list price $2.00. 6 x 9 (First Edition) Pp 78 0404.32.0517
Understanding Modern Art  (Hard Cover)  (Published by The Delphian Society) Katz, Leo; Webster, James Carson Chapter on Wright. Chapter LIII. Frank Lloyd Wright and the International Style. (First Edition) Pp 775 - 788 0404.01.0403
Architecture and  Modern Life (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Harper & Brothers, New York and London) Brownell, Baker; Wright, Frank Lloyd What is the effect of architecture on modern life? What, conversely, is the effect of modern life on architecture? What will be the architecture of tomorrow? In a work of unique scope and variety, an eminent architect and a student of contemporary thought survey the whole field of architecture in its relation to our modern social structure, define present trends, and dare to prophesy a future when society and architecture will...  Continue...  (Sweeney 405) Pp 339 0405.00.1099 0405.01.0517
Architecture And Modern Life (Hard Cover)  (Published by Harper & Brothers Publishing, New York and London) Brownell, Baker; Wright, Frank Lloyd A collaboration between Wright and philosopher Baker Brownell. Chapter I, "Architecture and Social Life" was jointly authored. Chapters II and IV by Wright, Chapters III, V and VI by Brownell. The final, Chapter VII, "Broadacre City, A Dialogue on the Nature of Structure in Architecture and in the Integral Life". Three photos by Edmund Teske, one by Baker Brownell, four illustrations by Wright, three photographs of the Broadacre City... (Third Edition)  Continue...  (Sweeney 405) Pp 339 0405.03.0413
Dinner Table Art for The Tired Business Man. Talks about the Modern and Classic Point of View In Works of Art. (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Fine Arts Building, Chicago) Pynchon, Adeline Lobdell; With and Introduction by Archipenko, Alexander A compilation of 60 articles. They have been "reconstructed and edited from some of the illustrated newspaper articles that have appeared weekly under the title of dinner table art in the Chicago Journal of Commerce, those columns which have a more then local or passing interest. Dinner Table Art was a service designed by the publishers to help the "tired business man" to acquire, at least, that's smattering of art knowledge. So many requests for back numbers...  Continue...  Pp 138 0429.35.1017
Modern Building, Its Nature, Problems, and Forms (Hard Cover) (Published by Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York) Behrendt, Walter Curt Behrendt was a German-American architect and editor of Die Form. He was a friend of Lewis Mumford. Includes many references to Frank Lloyd Wright. " ‘Wright,’ said one of his German critics, ‘is the first architect to whom the atmosphere is more than mere background to his work. He uses it, he calculates with it, again and again he tries to relate his work so finely with the atmosphere that both must seem indissolubly connected...’ " Photographs related to Wright include the...  Continue...  Pp 241 0429.28.1115
Auto1938DJ 2.jpg (5781 bytes)
An Autobiography (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Longmans, Green and Company, London, New York, Toronto) Wright, Frank Lloyd First published in 1932.  Second edition published in 1933.  This Autobiography is divided into four sections.  Book One: Family, Fellowship;  Book Two: Work;  Book Three: Freedom;  Photographs, includes 65 photographs.  No more that 2,000 copies were reprinted of this third edition. (See FLW versus America, Page 37).  Original cover price $3.50.  7.25 x 9.25.  (Third Edition)  (Sweeney 303) Pp 371 0303.01.0900
Ad for: An Autobiography (Published Longmans, Green & Co., New York)  Wright, Frank Lloyd “Now in a Popularly Priced Edition.” Ad for: An Autobiography. “Formerly $6.00, New Edition $3.50.” 3.5 x 3. Pp 1 0303.03.0808
NewHouseBearRun 2.jpg (7056 bytes)
A New House on Bear Run, Penn. By Frank Lloyd Wright.  The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1938.  (Stiff Soft Cover - with Partial Wrap)  (Published by The Museum of Modern Art, New York) Wright, Frank Lloyd (MOMA) 3,000 copies printed.  (Has yellow 1/3 wrap around cover) (First Edition)  (Sweeney 430) Pp 24 0430.00.0500
C 1938
Behind the Scenes at the Waldorf-Astoria (Soft Cover, Spiral bound) (Published by the Waldorf-Astoria, New York) Boomer, Lucius "In these pages you will see Waldorf meals in preparation, Waldorf bread leavening, Waldorf pastries molded to lure the eye even as they are made to entice the palate, and Waldorf banquets served amid the romance add the regalia of evening..." By 1918, at the age of 39, Boomer was president of the Boomer-duPont Properties Corporation, owning and managing the McAlpin and the Claridge Hotels. That year they assumed control and management...  Continue... Pp 48 0460.18.1014
Centerville (Hard Cover) (Published by Scott, Foresman and Company, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, New York) Hanna, Paul R.; Anderson, Genevieve; Gray, William S. Title Page: "Centerville is the title of this book. The stories in it are about a town called Centerville. It is part of the Everyday Life Stories in the Curriculum Foundation Series. In 1936, Paul & Jean Hanna commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design their home. It became know as the Honeycomb House. 6 x 8.25 (Tenth Edition) Pp 288 0460.25.0819
SmallHouses1940 2.jpg (7236 bytes)
The 1940 Book of Small Houses  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York) By Editors of Arch Forum "Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect, Houses for $5,000-$6,000 Income, To the Blackbourns"  (Fourth Edition, Related article: Life Magazine - Sept 1938.  Original HC List Price $1.96. Pp 141-5 0430.01.0201
A Goodly Fellowship (Hard Cover DJ) (Published in November by The MacMillan Company, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco) Chase, Mary Ellen Chapter 5. "The Hillside Home School". Pp 85-121. Describes the school run by Frank Lloyd Wright’s aunts. "...In 1903 this was connected with an adequate and beautiful school building of native limestone, designed and erected by Frank Lloyd Wright, the son of Anna Lloyd-Jones and the nephew of Ellen and Jane. These buildings were built or appropriated in the early years of the school as the need arose. By the time ten... Continue... (Sweeney 461) Pp 305 0461.00.0219 0461.00.0306
An Organic Architecture: The Architecture of Democracy. Frank Lloyd Wright (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Lund Humphries & Co. LTD., London) Wright, Frank Lloyd The Sir George Watson Lectures of the Sulgrave Manor Board. Four lectures delivered on four different evenings... "were given by Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright at the Royal Institute of British Architects during his visit to England in May, 1939, as holder of the Sir George Watson chair of the Sulgrave Manor Board."  In 1953, the four lectures were reprinted in full as part of “The Future of Architecture” pages 221-293. Begins with a color photograph... Continue... (Sweeney 463) Pp 56 0463.00.1014
Dinner Talk at Hull House: Frank Lloyd Wright, November Eighth, 1939 (Mimeographed transcript of speech by Frank Lloyd Wright) Wright, Frank Lloyd Transcript: Wright, Frank Lloyd "Dinner Talk at Hull House: November 8, 1939." Wright first spoke at the Hull House on March 6, 1901, when he addressed the Chicago Arts and Crafts Society. "The Art and Craft of the Machine." He delivered it again to the Western Society of Engineers, March 20,1901. Nearly forty years later he was invited back and delivered this "Dinner Talk at Hull House." Excerpts: Today, I hesitate to say it in the circumstances but...  Continue... Pp 16 0468.01.0813
Arizona Biltmore Hotel near Phoenix, Arizona  (Soft Cover) Arizona Biltmore Booklet describing the Arizona Biltmore. All photographs are in color. (First Edition) Pp 16 0501.02.0704
Florida Southern College; Interlachen 1939 (Yearbook) (Published by the Florida Southern College) Florida Southern College Cover is an illustration of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel, from the E. Stanley Jones Foundation. The ground breaking ceremony for the chapel was held on May 24, 1938. Dedicated was held on March 9, 1941. Includes one photograph of Wright during his visit to the campus on December 20, 1938 (p. 5). 8.25 x 11.25. (First Edition) Pp 210 0501.19.0213
Circa 1939 
Poems of John Keats. Selected and edited by Henry Newbolt (Published by Caxton House, Inc., Rockefeller Plaza, New York) Keats, John; Newbolt, Henry Part of the “Popular Classics of the World”. This volume is undated. Rockefeller Plaza opened in 1933, so this would have been published after that date. Most likely the late 30s or early 40s. Of interest is the Frontispiece which is a wood block portrait of John Keats, possibly sighed “C P”, lower left hand corner of portrait. Possibly a variation of the “Portrait of John Keats After Joseph Severn by William...  Continue...   For more information on the Eve of St. Agnes see our Wright Study. Pp 408 0501.17.0113
Seven Stars (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago, Illinois) DeLamarter, Jeanne

Compilation of 40 poems by the author.
  Seven Stars. Slowly the desk unfolds across the heaven, softly rests the cloud upon the moon, wind flows gently eastward over grass.
  I count the early stars, and there are seven; I walk beneath their shining little light, and shall not wait to look and count again.
  The ghostly clouds creep sideways up the sky. My foot steps make gray patterns in the dew."
Seymour also...  Continue...

Pp 66 0501.51.0620
Siftings (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, The Alderbrink Press Chicago, Illinois. Printed on beige paper, top edge trimmed, others uncut. Jensen, Jens "Preface. By the open fire memories of earlier days came back for rehearsal, memories of my wanderings in many lands, memories of my own little world in the heart of mid-America. For more than 30 years notes have been recorded without any thought of putting them into readable shape. But here they are – experiences with the soil." The beginning of each chapter is decorated with a small illustration, printed in green. Text is printed in black. The Alderbrink imprint on...  Continue... Pp 110 0501.38.0118
Twelve Moods in Rhythm (Hard Cover) (Published by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, Chicago. Printed on a beige laid paper with the watermark "Town Crier Text. Made in The U. S. A." Top edge trimmed, others untrimmed.) Hubbard, Susan Weare A compilation of twelve poems, with the addition of a thirteenth, "A Christmas Watch." "[ I ] Into an empty room, through half closed lattice, a sunbeam lilts its way. Light shod it slips across the polished floor, Darts between slender pillars to rest upon a mirror, A mirror, tarnished, dim – But of a sudden, come to life, Glowing in its own leaping flame. Why is the room so bright? Why is there perfume of flowers.." Not only was Hubbard a writer, but also a composer who published at least...  Continue... Pp 33 0501.33.0317
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