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Grant Carpenter Manson (1904-1997)
Architectural historian Grant Carpenter Manson first met Mr. Wright in 1938. He had decided to make Wright the subject of his doctoral dissertation while at Harvard. He felt it essential to meet Wright and so in September he headed toward Spring Green from Massachusetts. Upon reaching Chicago, he placed a call to Spring Green and asked the operator “to put him through to Mr. Wright”. He heard his voice for the first time. Manson took photographs between 1937 and 1941 while researching for his doctoral dissertation titled “Frank Lloyd Wright's Work Before 1910". While a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, he elaborated his thesis and published his book “Frank Lloyd Wright to 1910: The First Golden Age" in 1958. Upon publication, Manson hand delivered a copy of the book to Wright in New York.
       Mr. Manson gave the photographs and other materials to the library in July 1973. Grant Carpenter Manson (1904-1997).



Grant Carpenter Manson (1904-1997).  Photographed in 1989 by Douglas Wacker.  (Courtesy of Wisconsin Magazine of History)



Wisconsin Magazine of History - Autumn 1989
(Published quarterly by the State History of Wisconsin, Madison)

“The Wonderful World of Taliesin: My Twenty Years on Its Fringes.” (Pp 33-41)

By Manson, Grant Carpenter

Manson’s describes his involvement with Wright and information about writing his book "Frank Lloyd Wright to 1910, The First Golden Age". Includes five photos.




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