Date: 1949

Title: Journal of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) - May 1949 (Published monthly by The American Institute of Architects at the Octagon, Washington, D.C.)

Author: Wright, Frank Lloyd Author: Anonymous
Description: Acceptance Speech of Frank Lloyd Wright. Upon receiving the Gold Medal for 1948 of the American Institute of Architects, Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas, March 17, 1949. "...architecture is in the gutter. It is. I have heard myself referred to as the greatest living architect. I have heard myself referred to as the greatest architect who ever lived. Now, wouldn’t you think that out to move you? Well, it doesn’t... Architects as they existed in the ancient times were in possession of a state of society, as an instrument to build with..." Includes two photographs, Wright giving the speech, and the audience. (Sweeney 792) Description: Editor’s note: "A phonograph record was made of Frank Lloyd Wright’s speech at Houston in accepting The Institute's Gold Metal. We are told that the speech would fill both sides of four 12" disc records and it is possible that the set of four might be made to sell at $8, if there is sufficient demand for at lease 100 sets..." Original cover price 35c.
Size: 5.5 x 7.5
Pages: Pp 199-207 Pages: Pp 242
S#: 0792.00.1213
Date: 1958

Title: Inland Architect - April 1958, Chicago Chapter, American Institute of Architects (Published monthly except July and August by the Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Chicago)

Author: 1) Moderator: Cook, Alister; Wright, Frank Lloyd
2) Anonymous

Description: 1) "Forum of Formidable: Discussed by key figures in the building and business worlds, and held as part of the Chicago Dynamic Program at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, October 30, 1957." Moderator: Alister Cook. Participates included Ira Bach, commissioner of planning, Chicago, leading business men and Frank Lloyd Wright. Includes photograph of participants, among them Wright.
2) "Art: the work of Alfonso Iannelli. The work of sculpture Alfonso Iannelli will be on exhibit during may at the offices of the Chicago Chapter A.I.A., continuing the series of monthly exhibitions of artists’ work arranged by the Chicago Chapter artists Equity." Includes a brief biographical sketch including his work with Wright for the Midway Gardens. Includes one photograph.
Original cover price 35 cents.

Size: 8.5 x 11

Pages: 1) Pp 14-17
2) Pp 6-7

S#: 1259.21.0511

Date: 1959

Publication: AIA Journal - October 1959

Author: Cooke, Alistair

Description: Memories of Frank Lloyd Wright (Sweeney 1286)


Pages: Pp 42-44

S#: 1286.00.0401

Date: 1959

Publication: AIA Journal - November 1959 (Published Monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Walker, Ralph

Description: “Books - Design and Content”.  Out of the six page article, two paragraphs devoted to commenting on Wright’s writings.  Original price $0.50.

Size: 8.25 x 11.25

Pages: Pp 31-36

S#: 1377.28.1206

Date: 1959 - Michigan

Publication: AIA Monthly Bulletin - December 1959, Michigan Society of Architects - December 1959 (Published monthly by the Michigan Society of Architects)

Author: Masselink, Eugene

Description: “Work of Frank Lloyd Wright in Michigan.” Introduction by Eugene Masselink.  Photography by Baltazar Korab.  Cover design by Phil H. Feddersen.  Issue conceived and prepared by the Saginaw Valley Chapter of the AIA.  Includes 41 photographs, 10 illustrations and a complete list of homes constructed in Michigan.  Also issued as an offprint.  Original cover price $0.50. (Sweeney 1306)

Size: 9 x 12

Pages: Pp Cover 17-32

S#: 1306.00.0806

Date: 1966

Title: AIA Journal - June 1966 (Published Monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Anonymous Author: Anonymous
Description: "The Guggenheim Backs up Frank Lloyd Wright. The design of the Frank Lloyd Wright stamp (Issuance date June 8, Spring Green, Wis.) Was a Taliesin project.; The Post Office Department invited the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to submit designs. Patricia Amarantides, a Taliesin West student, designed the stamp with Mrs. Frank Lloyd Wright and a number of students suggesting modifications. Based on the photograph by Blackstone-Shelburne, New York, made in 1952..." Includes one photograph of the stamp. Original price $2.00.  (Sweeney 1661) Description:  Books: "The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright. New York: Horizon, 1965. 164 pp. $42.50. The original edition of this work, edited and arranged typographically by T. T. Wijdeveld, was an anthology of seven numbers of the art journal Wendingen (Amsterdam Series 7, Nos. 3-9, 1925) and contained ‘many articles by famous European architects and American writers.’ The 1965 edition is similar in that it keeps the double-fold pages, printed on one side of each sheet, as well as the specifically hinged binding..." Original price $2.00.
Size: 8.25 x 11.25. Size: 8.25 x 11.25.
Pages: Pp 36 Pages: Pp 160
S#: 1661.00.1215 S#: 1604.05.1215
Date: 1967

Publication: AIA Journal - November 1967  (Published Monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Kamrath, Karl

Description: “The Stubborn Hotel is Shaking.”  Scheduled demolition of the Imperial Hotel.  Author’s first hand evaluation of the condition of the Imperial Hotel.  Includes two photographs.  Original price $2.00.  8.25 x 11.25.  (Sweeney 1701)


Pages: Pp 70-72

S#: 1701.00.1206

Date: 1967

Title: AIA Journal - July 1967 (Published Monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Koehler, Robert E.

Description: (Comment concerning an article by Thomas S. Hines, Jr., S#1699.) "The Wright Record. Any plans for official celebration or recognition of the centenary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth already are out of date. For several recently discovered documents in the University of Wisconsin Archives show ‘conclusively’ that he was born on June 8, 1867 - the day and month have never been disputed - rather than on that date in 1869, as has been commonly accepted..." Includes one photograph. Original price $2.00. (Sweeney 1702)

Size: 8.25 x 11.25

Pages: Pp 3-4

S#: 1702.00.1215

Date: 1969

Title: AIA Journal - June 1969 (Published monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Anonymous

Description: "High Bids Cloud Future of Madison Auditorium. After more than 30 years of controversy which began when Frank Lloyd Wright unveiled his famous Monona Terrace plan. The future of the Madison Wis., Civic Auditorium now seems anything but rosy. The City Council, following an April bid opening which found cost estimates to be at least $1.5 million over budget..." Original cover price $2.00.  (Sweeney 1783) Description: Books: "The Robie House: Frank Lloyd Wright. Historic American Building Survey. Palos Park, Ill.; Prairie School Press. 1968, $2.50. Any student of Frank Lloyd Wright in general and of the Robie House in particular will find this document an essential addition to his library..." Description: Books: "Frank Lloyd Wright: The Early Work. New York: Horizon Press, 1968. This is strictly a picture book with the text taking no more than 10 pages. While it is handsomely laid out in a 10.25 x 13 inch format with a generous use of white space, many of the photographs suffer through poor reproduction... As Edgar Kaufmann Jr. Points out in the introduction, ‘Here is a reissue of Ausgefuhrte Bauten, originally published in Berlin by the firm Ernst Wasmuth in 1911..."
Size: 8.25 x 11.25    
Pages: Pp 24 28 Pages: Pp 140 Pages: Pp 140
S#: 1783.00.0316 S#: 1723.01.0316 S#: 1732.01.0316
Date: 1973

Publication: AIA Journal - May 1973

Author: Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks

Description: Out of the Desert’s Mystery  (Sweeney 1934)   


Pages: Pp 54-5

S#: 1934.00.0501

Date: 1975

Title: AIA Journal - July 1975 (Published monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Anonymous

Description: "Wright Windows Stolen From Rochester House. A house in Rochester, N.Y., designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was burglarized recently. Four leaded glass window panels and frames were stolen from the detached garage. The panels, the same design as the window2s in the house, have been called ‘abstract painting executed in leaded glass..." Includes one illustration of the window. Original cover price $2.00. (Sweeney 1996)

Size: 9 x 12

Pages: Pp 14-15

S#: 1996.00.1215

Date: 1976

Publication: AIA Journal - July 1976

Author: 1) Anonymous2) Osman, Mary   3) Anonymous    4) Prairie School Review

Description: 1) Book Review: Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright and Prairie School Arch in Oak Park (Sweeney 2006)   
2) "Highlights of American Architects, 1776-1976". 46 people nominate the profession’s proudest achievements. Many Wright building nominated. Includes 7 photos. 
3) Book Review: Prairie School Architecture: Studies from ‘The Western Architect’. Includes articles about Wright. 
4) Full page ad for The Prairie School Review. Includes photo of Wright.

Pages: 1) Pp 200   2) Pp 91-158    3) Pp 196    4) Pp 193


S#: 1) 2006.00.1104   2) 2006.01.1104   3) 2006.02.1104   4) 2006.03.1104

Date: 1976

Title: AIA Journal - August 1976 (Published monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Anonymous

Description: " ‘Japan’s Williamsburg’ Gets Part of Wright’s Imperial. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel, completed in 1922, managed to survive a devastating earthquake and World War II’s incendiary bombs, but it could not withstand Tokyo’s pollution, subway system, increased land values and industrialization. Although a ‘save the hotel’ campaign was mounted by Japanese architects and others, the building was demolished in 1968. Now a small part of the old Imperial has been rebuilt and opened to the public at the open-air Museum of Meiji-Mura in Inuyama, Japan..." Includes four photographs and one illustration. Original cover price $2.00.  (Sweeney 2015)   

Size: 9 x 12

Pages: Pp 8-9

S#: 2015.00.1215

Date: 1976

Publication: AIA Journal - November 1976 (Published monthly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Anonymous

Description: “Unbuilt America: A collection of Unrealized Architectural Visions of What Might Have Been. Mile High Skyscraper - ‘The Illinois.’ Frank Lloyd Wright, 1956.” Abridged from Architectural Record, November 1956.  Includes one photo.  Original cover price $2.00.

Size: 9 x 12

Pages: Pp 59

S#: 2018.00.0506

Date: 1979

Publication: AIA Journal - January 1979

Author: Samuel C. Johnson

Description: Four page reprint of the January 1979 issue by The Johnson Foundation.


Pages: Pp 4

ST#: 1979.12.0603

Date: 1979

Title: AIA Journal - September 1979 (Published 14 times a year by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: DeNevi, Don Author: Anonymous
Description: "Masters of Light: Frank Lloyd Wright. A prophet of glass and a passionate advocate of sunlight. From the earliest designs on, Wright integrated light within the overall building concept, rejecting the hole-in-the-wall concept of the window.... By 1910, Wright was already prophesying uses of glass which, although not applicable during his lifetime, one day would be, technology permitting... For Wright, it was by sunlit spaces that the human sprit could be elevated to the highest order..." Includes three photographs, Marin County, Unity Temple, Taliesin West. Description: Books: "The Prairie School Tradition: The Prairie Archives of the Milwaukee Art Center, 1979. $30.00. Through more than 300 illustrations of plans, drawings, buildings and objects, this exceedingly handsome book surveys Prairie school architecture, covering the work of such notables as Frank Lloyd Wright, Adler & Sullivan, the Greene brothers, Walter Burley Griffin..." Includes one illustration of a Guaranty Building detail, Adler & Sullivan.

Original cover price $2.50.
Size: 9 x 12  
Pages: Pp 63-65 Pages: Pp 102
ST#: 1979.36.0614  
Date: 1980

Publication: AIA Journal - April 1980 (Published 14 times yearly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Rand, George

Description: “A Civic Center and Its Civitas. Mr. Wright meets now-mellow Marin County, Calif., with still-unfolding impact.” The Marin County Civic Center. Includes 17 photos and two illustrations.  Original $2.50.

Size: 9 x 12.

Pages: Pp Cover, 3, 46-55

ST#: 1980.18.0706

Date: 1980

Title: AIA Journal - June 1980 (Published 14 times a year by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D. C.)

Author: Anonymous Author: Reitherman, Robert King Author: Gutheim, Frederick
Description: "Welcome Back, Mr. Wright - Again. Two articles in this issue deal with Frank Lloyd Wright. He also dominated the April issue and will make another appearance in July. We are not alone. There is a widespread flowering of interest in this most American of masters..." Description: "The Seismic Legend of the Imperial Hotel. How did it really fare in the Tokyo earthquake of 1923? ‘Hotel stands undamaged as monument of your genius. Hundreds of homeless provided by perfectly maintained service. Congratulations. Okura’ This dramatic radio telegram from Tokyo by Baron Okura, the key financial promoter of the just completed Imperial Hotel, was the first word to reach the U.S. concerning the Sept. 1, 1923..." Includes 3 photographs and four illustrations. Description: "The Turning Point in Mr. Wright’s Career. A case that it was his Princeton lectures of exactly a half-century ago. At Taliesin in the winter of 1930 icicles as thick as your thigh hung from the eaves. The only heat came from the hearth. The bankrupt Frank Lloyd Wright corporation had once again just beaten its creditors from the door but there still loomed the threat of a sheriff’s sale of Wright’s personal property..." Includes one photograph of the cover of "Modern Architecture". Original cover price $2.50.
Size: 9 x 12
Pages: Pp 29 Pages: Pp 42-47, 70 Pages: Pp 48-49
ST#: 1980.31.0314
Date: 1981

Title: AIA Journal - August 1981 (Published 14 times yearly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: Abercrombie, Stanley

Description: "When a House Becomes a Museum. Fallingwater acquires a respectful new visitors center... To transform a house into a house museum may seem the least radical type of reuses, but imagine the problems: Wright had designed Fallingwater as a weekend retreat for a small family and its guests; this year, on a pleasant October Saturday, it will be visited instead by approximately 900 people, along with their cars, their pets, their children, their wet boots, their chewing gum and their insatiable curiosities. And their bladders...." Also includes information on the new visitors center. Includes six photographs and one illustration. Original cover price $3.00.

Size: 9 x 12

Pages: Pp 54-57

ST#: 1981.138.0314

Date: 1982

Publication: AIA Journal - July 1982 (Published 14 times yearly by The American Institute of Architects, Washington D.C.)

Author: DeLong, David

Description: “A Tower Expressive of Unique Interiors.  It embodies Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideal of the tall building more than any of his other work.”  The Price Tower.  Includes six photos and two illustrations. Original $3.00.

Size: 9 x 12

Pages: Pp 78-83


Date: 1992

Publication: Memo: AIA - June 1992 (The Official Newsletter of the American Institute of Architects, and is Published Monthly by the AIA)

Author: Stubbs, Stephanie

Description: Cover: “Why is this man smiling?” Pg 4: “Frank Lloyd Wright - 125 and going strong.” Includes three photographs.

Size: 8.5 x 11

Pages: Pp Cover, 4-5


Date: 1969

Title: Wisconsin Architect - October 1969 - (Published by the Wisconsin Architect, Inc., Wisconsin Chapter of the American Institute of Architects)

Author: Saltzstein, Joan, W.

Description: Saltzstein is the granddaughter of Danmar Adler. "Taliesin through the Years. It was during the thirties, the depression years, that I first visited Taliesin East, Frank Lloyd Wright’s lovely peaceful Shangri-La at Spring Green, near Madison. Those were difficult times for Frank Lloyd Wright. He no longer had to face the confrontations with the authorities that had plagued the early years of his marriage and his family life with his wife, Olgivanna... But commissions were almost non-existent..." Includes one portrait of Wright and 7 photographs of Taliesin. Original cover price 50c. (Sweeney 1793)

Size: 8.5 x 11

Pages: Pp 14-18

ST#: 1793.00.0514



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