Date: 1902

Title: The Book of a Hundred Houses. A collection of Pictures, Plans and Suggestions for Householders (Hard Cover) (Published by Herbert S. Stone & Company, Eldridge Court, Chicago. Herbert S. Stone also published House Beautiful. Top edge trimmed and gilt, others uncut.)

Author: Editor: Dow, Joy Wheeler; Chapter written by: Granger, Alfred H.

Description: The article "An Architects Studio " by Alfred H. Granger was first published in the December 1899 issue of House Beautiful. It is reprinted in this volume. "An Architects Studio. When one attempts to describe almost any modern building, the first question to be asked is, ‘What style?’ ...One of the most radical of these opponents is Mr. Frank L. Wright, whose house and studio I have the privilege of describing... One’s first impression of the dining-room is its simplicity – no rugs, no curtains, and only the necessary furniture, which, however, is in perfect harmony with the room. One entire end of the room opposite the fireplace is practically of glass, laid in leading of a very delicate design, which was evidently inspired by the lotus flower. The harmony of color between the brown and the red is perfect, and is accentuated (if one can accentuate a harmony) by the color of the walls and ceiling, which are covered with arras of a soft brown, and which give to the entire room a golden tone such as one sees in a rich sunset. In the center of the ceiling is a design of exquisite tracery, through which at night a soft light filters, and gives to the whole room a warm, rich glow. Includes 5 photographs. Note: Listed in Sweeney, but not seen by the author. (First Edition) (Sweeney 35B)

Size: 7 x 8.75

Pages: Pp 207-214


Date: 1902

Title: The Chicago Architectural Annual. A Selection of Work Exhibited at the Art Institute in March of the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Two. (Published by The Chicago Architectural Club. Note: Not original cover, rebound by University of Tampa)

Author: Chicago Architectural Club

Description: No introductory text. Includes Southern Home of Louis Sullivan (attributed to Wright). Also includes fourteen page section entitled "The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright." Tree of Like/Stork sculpture Oak Park Studio entrance; Bock sculpture of John Lloyd Wright; "A Small House with ‘Lots of Room in It’ " and "A Home in a Prairie Town," projects, Ladies’ Home Journal; Metzger House (project); Thomas (Rogers) House; Hillside Home School; Winslow House and Stables; Village Bank (project); Oak Park Studio; Bradley Residence; Hickox Residence; River Forest Golf Club; Abraham Lincoln Center; Henderson Residence; Lexington Terraces (project); Oak Park Studio Library. There are 39 photographs and illustrations of Wright’s work. (First Edition) (Sweeney 49)

Size: 9.25 x 9.5

Pages: Pp 56 (Unpaged)

S#: 0049.00.0215

Date: 1902

Title: The New Industrialism  (Hard Cover)  (Published by National League of Industrial Art, Chicago)

Author: Wright, Frank Lloyd

Description: Part III of 3 parts.  Chapter by Wright.  "The Art and craft of the Machine." Text of a speech by the same title, given to the Daughters of the Revolution, Illinois on March 14, 1902. The original speech by the same title was first given at the Hull House on March 28, 1901 (S.43).  Published by National League of Industrial Art for the Daughters of the Revolution. (Limited to 500 Copies, of which this Copy is Number 51.)  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 50)

Size: 6.3 x 9.75

Pages: Pp 79-111

S#: 0050.00.0602

Date: 1913

Title: Modern American Homes (Published by the American School of Correspondence, Chicago)

Author: Prepared by von Holst, H. V., A. B., S. B.

Description: Begins with a Preface by H. V. von Holst, Table of Contents and Acknowledgment, then includes 108 Plates printed on one side only. Examples of many architects including the work of Walter Burley Griffin, Tallmadge & Watson, Von Holst & Frye, Robert C. Spencer, Charles E. White and George W. Maher. Frank Lloyd Wright, Plate 90, includes four photographs of Wright’s work. "Examples of a New Style of Domestic Architecture in and about Chicago. 1) Warren Hickox Exterior, 1900, S.056. 2) Ward W. Willits Living Room, 1901, S.054. 3) Isabel Roberts Living Room, 1908, S.150. 4) Charles A. Brown Exterior, 1905, S.110.  (First Edition)

Size: 9.6 x 13.1

Pages: Plates 108

S#: 0120.11.0411

Date: 1916

Title: City Residential Land Development: Studies In Planning  (Hard Cover)  (Published by The University of Chicago Press, Chicago)

Author: Wright, Frank Lloyd

Description: Publication of the City Club of Chicago. Chapter IV: Non-competitive:  "Plan By Frank Lloyd Wright". Only Non-competitive plan in book.  Includes text and 7 colored illustrations.  Original HC List Price $1.00?. (First Edition)  (Sweeney 132)

Size: 9.25 x 12.25

Pages: Pp 95-102

S#: 0132.00.0602

Date: 1923

Title: Successful Houses and How to Build Them (First published in September, 1912 by Norwood Press. J.S. Cushing Co. - Berwick & Smith Co. Norwood, Mass, U.S.A. This edition published in 1923 by The MacMillan Company, New York)

Author: White, Charles E. Jr.

Description: Charles E. White, Jr. was an architect in Chicago, and worked in Wright’s Oak Park studio from 1903 to 1905. White, along with Vernon S. Watson worked with Wright on the River Forest Tennis Club (S.119). The Walter Gerts Residence was designed by White and built in 1905. Wright remodeled it in 1911 (S.177). In this volume, many of Wright’s home were included, but only a few were identified. Images of Wright’s homes included: Moore Residence (First) p 8 (1895 s.034); Dana-Thomas pp 41, 51 (Interior), 216 (1902 S.072), Hill p 66 (2), 425 (1900 S.051); Heurtley, p 217 (1902 S.074); Beachy p 220 (1906 S.117); Winslow p 225 (1894 S.024); Coonley p 284 (1907 S.135); Roberts interior p350 (1908 S.150); Martin interior p 397 (1904 S.100); Winslow Stable p 498 (1894 S.025). These images document the homes prior to 1912. White also wrote The Bungalow Book. (Second Edition)

Size: 5.5 x 7.6

Pages: Pp 520

S#: 0156.06.1009

Date: 1923

Title: The Bungalow Book (Hard Cover) (The MacMillan Company, New York)

Author: White, Charles E. Jr.

Description: "Shortly after ‘Successful Houses and How to Built Them’ was published (1912), requests began to come from readers to the Author for a book specializing on the planning and construction of bungalows..." Charles E. White, Jr. was an architect in Chicago, and worked in Wright’s Oak Park studio from 1903 to 1905. White, along with Vernon S. Watson worked with Wright on the River Forest Tennis Club (S.119). The Walter Gerts Residence was designed by White and built in 1905. Wright remodeled it in 1911 (S.177). Of the eight plates in this volume, one is a Frank Lloyd Wright home. Caption: "Bungalow of Middle-Western Type with Partial Second Story. Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect." Tomak Residence, Riverside, Illinois, p.84 (1904 - S.128). (First Edition) 

Size: 5.5 x 8.25

Pages: Pp 221

Date: 1928

Title: New Dimensions: The Decorative Arts of Today in Words & Pictures  (Published by Payson & Clarke LTD, New York) (Hard Cover)

Author: Frankl, Paul T.

Description: Dedicated “To a Great American Architect and Creative Artist Frank Lloyd Wright.” Forward by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Includes 80 pages of text and 124 images, of which three relate to Wright.  Original cover price possibly $6.00. (First Edition)  (Sweeney 200)

Size: 9.25 x 12.25

Pages: Pp 168

S#: 0200.00.0407

Date: 1928

Title: Cyclopedia of Drawing, Vol. I (Leather Bound Stiff Cover)  (Published by American Technical Society, Chicago)

Author: American Technical Society

Description: Illustration of Unity Temple (Fifth Edition)


Pages: P 1

S#: 0187.01.0504

Date: 1928

Title: Cyclopedia of Drawing, Vol. III  (Leather Bound Stiff Cover)  (Published by American Technical Society, Chicago)

Author: American Technical Society

Description: Illustration of Dining Room and floor plan of H.J. Ullman House, Oak Park (Fifth Edition)


Pages: Pp 72

S#: 0187.02.0504

RevoltinArts 1.jpg (14347 bytes) Date: 1930

Title: Revolt in the Arts  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Brentano's, New York)

Author: Wright, Frank Lloyd

Description: Architecture - "In Between".  Chapter by Frank Lloyd Wright, (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 123-4, 322, 327-9

S#: 0228.01.1101

AmArch.jpg (85938 bytes) Date: 1934

Title: Modern Art: The Men, the Movement, the Meaning  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Simon and Schuster, New York)

Author: Craven, Thomas

Description: Chapter 14 - An American Architect  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 371)


Pages: Pp 273-289

S#: 0371.00.0401

ArtInAmericaI 1.jpg (27073 bytes) Date: 1935

Title: Art In America  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Reynal & Hitchcock, New York)

Author: Hitchcock, Henry Russell Jr

Description: Chapter VI. III. Wright and the International Style (Third Edition)


Pages: Pp 128-130

S#: 0377.01.0401

Date: 1936

Title: Understanding Modern Art  (Hard Cover)  (Published by The Delphian Society)

Author: Katz, Leo; Webster, James Carson

Description: Chapter on Wright. Chapter LIII. Frank Lloyd Wright and the International Style. (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 775 - 788

S#: 0404.01.0403

Date: 1937

Title: Modern Building, Its Nature, Problems, and Forms (Hard Cover) (Published by Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York)

Author: Behrendt, Walter Curt

Description: Behrendt was a German-American architect and editor of Die Form. He was a friend of Lewis Mumford. Includes many references to Frank Lloyd Wright. " ‘Wright,’ said one of his German critics, ‘is the first architect to whom the atmosphere is more than mere background to his work. He uses it, he calculates with it, again and again he tries to relate his work so finely with the atmosphere that both must seem indissolubly connected...’ " Photographs related to Wright include the Roberts House, Coonley House, Taliesin (2). (First Edition)

Size: 6 x 9.5

Pages: Pp 241

S#: 0429.28.1115

SmallHouses1940 1.jpg (41019 bytes) Date: 1938

Title: The 1940 Book of Small Houses  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York)

Author: By Editors of Arch Forum

Description: "Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect, Houses for $5,000-$6,000 Income, To the Blackbourns"  (Fourth Edition, Related article: Life Magazine - Sept 1938.  Original HC List Price $1.96.


Pages: Pp 141-5

S#: 0430.01.0201

Date: 1939

Title: A Goodly Fellowship (Published in November by The MacMillan Company, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco)

Author: Chase, Mary Ellen

Description: Chapter 5. “The Hillside Home School”.  Pp 85-121. Describes the school run by Wright’s aunts. She writes about her three year experience of living and teaching there. (First Edition)  (Sweeney 461)

Size: 5.5 x 8.25

Pages: Pp 305

S#: 0461.00.0306

Date: 1940

Title: New Directions In Prose & Poetry (Hard Cover) (Published annually by New Directions, Norfolk, Connecticut)

Author: Wright, Frank Lloyd; Section IV Edited by Kaufmann, Edgar Jr.

Description: Section IV: New Directions in Design. I: "The New Design and Public Acceptance." Includes references to Wright. "...The most important contribution our design world has made (expressed in architecture and writing on it) is that of Frank Lloyd Wright; an organic concept based as much on inspiration as on experience. He emphasizes function and material as did the Bauhaus and adds, as their equivalents, the user and the environment. It would be hard to overestimate the fundamental changes which the inclusion of these two basic factors indicates..."
Section IV: II: "Excerpt From London Lectures." In May, 1939, Frank Lloyd Wright lectured at the Royal Institute of British Architects during his visit to England, as holder of the Sir George Watson chair of the Sulgrave Manor Board. These were published in "An Organic Architecture: The Architecture of Democracy," Wright, 1939. "In the meantime, what great creative work have we to show as an actual working basis for the life which we have led or as proof of its validity? Not much. No, it was truly an escapist life we have led. We will find there in that life just application of the word ‘escapist’ if the word has any meaning at all...
Section IV: III: "Taliesin West is the Arizona home of Mr. And Mrs. Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship. The base is large blocks of stone dumped, with cement, into forms. On this is erected a framework of rough stained red wood which supports roof and sides of double canvas flaps. It is one of the clearest of Mr. Wright’s poetic accomplishments." Includes five photographs of Taliesin West.

Size: 6.25 x 8.25

Pages: Pp 257-278

Date: 1942

Title: The Wisconsin: River of a Thousand Isles (Published by Farrar & Rinehart Inc., New York, Toronto)

Author: Derleth, August

Description: "The Shining Brow." Section VII, Chapter 7. "If I were suffered to apply the word genius to only one living American, I would save it for Frank Lloyd Wright. So said Alexander Woollcott a decade ago, and since Woollcott is not overly given to superlatives, the owner of Taliesin on the shores of the Wisconsin just below Tower Hill, across the river from Spring Green, had every right to be proud of that accolade. This kind of adulation was sweet wine for a man who had for decades endured the gall of being jeered and hooted at for his revolutionary ideas, a man whose architectural concepts were far in advance of their time." (First Edition) (Sweeney 572)

Size: 5.5 x 8.25

Pages: Pp 301-308

S#: 0572.00.1112

Date: 1985

Title: The Wisconsin: River of a Thousand Isles (Soft Cover) (Published by The University of Wisconsin Press, A North Coast Book)

Author: Derleth, August

Description: First published in 1942. "The Shining Brow". Section VII, Chapter 7. " ‘If I were suffered to apply the word genius to only one living American, I would save it for Frank Lloyd Wright.’ So said Alexander Woollcott a decade ago, and since Woollcott is not overly given to superlatives, the owner of Taliesin on the shores of the Wisconsin just below Tower Hill, across the river from Spring Green, had every right to be proud of that accolade. This kind of adulation was sweet wine for a man who had for decades endured the gall of being jeered and hooted at for his revolutionary ideas, a man whose architectural concepts were far in advance of their time. Also includes a chapter "The Prophet Jenkin" (p. 286-289), concerning Wright’s Uncle, Jenkin Lloyd Jones founder of the Abraham Lincoln Center. (Third Edition) (Sweeney 572)

Size: 5.4 x 8.5

Pages: Pp 301-308

ST#: 0572.03.1212

Date: 1995

Title: Geniuses of the Mighty Wisconsin River. Zona Gale, August Derleth, Frank Lloyd Wright. (Published by the August Derleth Society)

Author: Price, Kay

Description: Wright wrote, "I occasionally drove up the river to Portage... to see Zona... While in Japan I read ‘Lulu Bett.’ Straightway I made up my mind to know Zona gale better when I got home... Of course, I hated her environment as utterly unworthy of her (she was an exquisite thing, Wisconsin’s Zona Gale.) I hadn’t met Olgivanna and I thought Taliesin would be a much more appropriate place for the author of ‘Lulu Bett.’ ...But she was always glad to see us, asking me to come, although she said she valued her Regency at the University of Wisconsin too much ever to be seen with me in public..." "An Autobiography", 1943. (First Edition)

Size: 16 x 11.5

ST#: 1995.65.0713

Date: 1944

Title: Forty-Seven Wisconsin Stories (Self published. Distributed by Chippewa Falls Book Agency, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

Author: Muggah, Mary Gates; Raihle, Paul H.

Description: Chapter 38: Frank Lloyd Wright. The chapter revolves around the earthquake that destroyed Tokyo in 1923, but not the Imperial Hotel... "While everyone deplores the bombing of the beautiful cities of Europe, Wright looks upon it as almost a blessing in disguise. He says that when the war is over, his plan for Broadacre will go to Europe. He hopes that his plans will help to build a better, more beautiful world to live in." Original list price, fourth edition, $2.00.

Size: 5.5 x 8.75.

Pages: Pp 125-127

S#: 0596.01.1013

AmArch.jpg (85938 bytes) Date: 1945

Title: Tomorrow’s House  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Simon and Schuster, New York)

Author: Nelson, George; Wright, Henry

Description: Original HC List Price $3.00.  Text & Photos  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 208-213

S#: 0624.01.0401

FacesDestiny 1.jpg (31922 bytes) Date: 1946

Title: Faces of Destiny  (Hard Cover)  (Published simultaneously by Ziff-Davis Publishing Co, Chicago, New York and George G. Harrap Co. LTD., London)

Author: Karsh, Yousuf

Description: Short Biography and portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright (Second Edition)


Pages: Pp 158-9

S#: 0648.01.1101

ElementsInterior 1.jpg (42829 bytes) Date: 1951

Title: Elements of Interior Design and Decoration  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by J.B. Lippincott Company, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York)

Author: Whiton, Sherrill

Description: Influences of Wright and Sullivan.  Includes references on Wright and one photograph of the living room at Taliesin by Stoller.  Original HC List Price $7.50.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 335,386-8

S#: 0834.01.0201

BuiltInUSA 1.jpg (16466 bytes) Date: 1952

Title: Built in USA: Post war Architecture  (Hard Cover)  (Published by The Museum of Modern Art, Distributed by Simon & Schuster, New York)

Author: Hitchcock, Henry-Russell & Drexler, Arthur

Description: Three Chapters on Frank Lloyd Wright  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 1-2, 17, 27-30,114-123

S#: 0869.01.1201

Date: 1952

Title: Dynamic Dissonance in Nature and the Arts. Pablo Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright, James Joyce, Henry Moore, Ezra Pound, Arnold Schoenberg. (Hard Cover - DJ) (Published by Farrar, Straus and Young, Inc., New York. Designed by Merle Armitage in 1952 and printed by the Hallmark-Hubner Press, New York.)

Author: Danz, Louis

Description: "This is one of the most revolutionary books on aesthetics to appear in a hundred years, a book of sharp and deep observations to rebuke the pallid ‘art criticism’ of our day. It is certain to create a storm..." (dust jacket). "We seek such a man. We seek the architect who gives us everything the machine age can and besides gives us the richness life has to offer. We seek a man who is sunlight and climate, landscape and soil, color and texture, a man who lives his architecture, a man who abhors the false, who will not accept decadence, imitation or duplication... Who is he? We might call him Emerson or Longfellow, Stephan foster or Thoreau. And certainly there is in him much of Walt Whitman... for he is aesthetically an architectural summation of our entire era. This man is Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect who can sing and curse, love and despise, who is both tender and brutal, capable of fiery passion and withering disdain." Original list price $5.00.

Size: 6.25 x 9.5

Pages: Pp 261

S#: 0910.25.1213

Date: 1952

Title: Roots of Contemporary American Architecture  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Reinhold Publishing Corp., New York)

Author: Mumford, Lewis; Wright, Frank Lloyd

Description: 1) Ch. 16: "Nature as Architecture, The Bad Lands." Reprinted from Frank Lloyd Wright on Architecture, 1941, pages 191-199.  2) Ch. 20: "The Art and Craft of the Machine." Reprinted from Modern Architecture, 1931, pages 7-23. Originally delivered at Hull House, Chicago, in 1901.  3) Biographical Sketches: Frank Lloyd Wright.  Original HC List Price $7.00.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 132-140, 169-185, 435-6

S#: 0869.03.0804

Date: 1972

Title: Roots of Contemporary American Architecture. 37 Essays from the Mid-Century to the Present (Published by Dover Publications, Inc., New York)

Author: Collected and Edited By: Mumford, Lewis

Description: First published in 1952 by Reinhold publishing. This Dover edition replaced the original "Prefatory Note" with the "Preface to the Second Edition" which was published in 1959 by Grove Press, Inc. 1) Ch. 16: "Nature as Architecture, The Bad Lands." Reprinted from Frank Lloyd Wright on Architecture, 1941, pages 191-199. 2) Ch. 20: "The Art and Craft of the Machine." Reprinted from Modern Architecture, 1931, pages 7-23. Originally delivered at Hull House, Chicago, in 1901. 3) Biographical Sketches: Frank Lloyd Wright. Original list price $6.00. (First Dover Edition)

Size: 5.25 x 8.4

Pages: Pp Cover, 132-140, 169-185, 435-437

S#: 1909.10.0810

Date: 1954

Title: Homes of the Brave (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York)

Author: Robsjohn-Gibbings, T.H.

Description: Chapter 2: "Organic Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright. ...It is incorrect to assume - as some of Wright’s disciples do - that the American art of living began with Wright... Of all who contribute to the new house during the nineteenth century, three men were outstanding. They were Horatio Greenough, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright... To people living in an age of abundance, Wright’s conception seemed at first to offer less... People, land, and building, separated for centuries by an architecture totally preoccupied with academic style, were reunited once again." Wright mentioned throughout the rest of the book. Author of "Good-bye, Mr. Chippendale", 1944. "This very funny book is fundamentally a serious criticism of American (and imported) interior decoration and exterior architecture for the past sixty years." (Dust jacket.) Includes two illustrations, the first is of the Thomas Gale house (1904 - S.098). Drawings by Mary Petty. Original list price $3.50. (First Edition)

Size: 6.26 x 9.5

Pages: Pp 7-16

S#: 0990.00.0112

Date: 1955

Title: Architecture, Ambition and Americans. A history of American architecture, from the beginning to the present, telling the story of the outstanding buildings, the men who designed them and the people for whom they were built. (Hard Cover) (Published by Harper & Brothers, New York)

Author: Andrews, Wayne

Description: Andrews published many articles in the 1940-50s. Harper’s Bazaar - July 1948; Saturday Review - November 14, 1953; Perspectives USA No. 4 - Summer 1953. Chapter 6, H: The Chicago Story. "Young Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright is credited, even by his enemies, with being the greatest architect of the twentieth century. He is the greatest artist to emerge from the Middle West, the only one who may be said to have conquered Chicago. One reason for his success is that he had always known what he wanted. ‘You’ve got to have guts to be an architect!’ he has said. ‘People will come to you and tell you what they want, and you will have to give them what they need...’ " 17 illustrations and photographs by Wayne Andrews include: Coonley (2); Bradley (1); Lloyd Lewis (1); Taliesin (1); Fallingwater (2); Johnson Wax Co. (2); V. C. Morris (2); Florida Southern College (1); Unitarian Meeting House (2); Taliesin West (3). (Fifth Edition) 

Size: 6 x 9.5

Pages: Pp 315

ShingleStyle 1.jpg (31255 bytes) Date: 1955

Title: The Shingle Style and the Stick Style  (Soft Cover)  (Published by Yale University Press, New Haven and London)

Author: Scully, Vincent J.

Description: Many references to Wright including Chapter nine on Wright’s early career. Original SC List Price $8.95.  (Fourth Edition)


Pages: Pp 184

S#: 1047.02.0501

Date: 1958

Title: Masters of Modern Architecture  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Bonanza Books, New York)

Author: Peter, John



Pages: Pp 21,26, 41-61, 201-2, 222

S#: 1221.01.1201

WordsToLiveBy 1.jpg (43847 bytes) Date: 1959

Title: Words to Live By (Hard Cover) (Published by Simon and Schuster, Inc. New York)

Author: Wright, Frank Lloyd; Edited By William Nichols

Description: Comprised of over ninety essays previously published in "This Week Magazine" from 1947 to 1959. Wright’s essay "Beauty" was published in the January 27, 1957 issue. Each essay is proceeded by a quote or poem. Of interest, is the quote by John Keats proceeding Wright’s essay. Wright’s essay pages 147-148. Includes 4 x 6 four page descriptive Presentation Card listing Frank Lloyd Wright on the cover, as one of authors. Stamped on back cover: Compliments of Broce Construction Co. "Beauty" was originally an address to the Taliesin Fellowship following a Sunday Breakfast, June 11, 1950. (First Edition)

Size: 6 x 9.1

Pages: Pg 242

S#: 1274.01.0101

Date: 1959

Title: The House Beautiful Treasury of Contemporary American Homes  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Hawthorn Books, Inc., New York)

Author: Barry, Joseph

Description: Of the 32 homes featured in this book, nine were designed by Wright. The first three chapters are dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright.  Original HC List Price $12.95.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp10-21

S#: 1275.02.0402

Date: 1960

Title: A History of Modern Architecture  (Published in the U.S. by Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., Publishers, New York)

Author: Joedicke, Jurgen

Description: First published in 1959.  Translated from German by James C. Palmes.  Chapter three: “Frank Lloyd Wright.”  Describes Wright’s connection with the School of Chicago, the idea of organic, relationship with nature, Wright’s early houses, his influence on Europe and Wright’s later work.  Includes thirteen photographs and two illustrations of Wright’s buildings.  (Second Edition)

Size: 7.5 x 10.25

Pages: Pp 30-37

S#: 1407.03.0607

Date: 1962

Title: The Intellectual Versus The City. From Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright. (Hard Cover, DJ) (Published by Harvard University Press and The M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass. Copyright by the President and Fellows of Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.)

Author: White, Morton & Lucia

Description: Chapter 12: "Architecture against the City: Frank Lloyd Wright. ...A powerful artist, a dramatic personality and lively writer, he dominates twentieth-century American architecture in a way that makes him an inevitable representative of his discipline in a study like the present one." (First Edition) (Sweeney 1487)

Size: 6.25 x 9.5

Pages: Pp 189-99

S#: 1487.00.1102

Date: 1977

Title: The Intellectual Versus The City. From Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright. (Soft Cover) (Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, London, New York. First published in 1962 by Harvard University Press and The M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass.)

Author: White, Morton & Lucia

Description: Includes a chapter on Frank Lloyd Wright. Chapter 12: "Architecture against the City: Frank Lloyd Wright. ...A powerful artist, a dramatic personality and lively writer, he dominates twentieth-century American architecture in a way that makes him an inevitable representative of his discipline in a study like the present one." This 1977 includes a new Foreword for 1977. Original list price $3.95. (Third Edition)

Size: 5.25 x 8

Pages: Pp189-99

S#: 1487.01.0412

Date: 1963

Title: Architecture: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Hard Cover) (First published in 1958. Published by Penguin Books, Baltimore, Maryland) (The Pelican History of Art, Edited by Nikolaus Pevsner)

Author: Hitchcock, Henry-Russell

Description: Chapter 19: "Frank Lloyd Wright and His California Contemporaries". Summarizes Wrights life and work, and touches on Maybeck, Howard, Green and a few other California Architects. Also heavily included in "The Detached House in England and America". Includes eight floor plans including the Heller, Husser, Hickox, Willitts, Glasner, Millard, Willey and Jacobs Residences. Twelve black & white plates include the Winslow (p128a), Hickox (p142a), Willitts (p142b), Ross (p143a), Millard (p144), Fallingwater (p145a) and Friedman (p145b) Residences, River Forest Golf Club (p128b), Unity Temple (p143b), S. C. Johnson (p146a) and the Guggenheim Museum (p188a & b). (Second Edition) (Sweeney 1532)

Size: 7 x 10.5

Pages: Pp 253-279, 320-335

S#: 1532.00.0113

Date: 1963

Title: The Highway and the City (Soft Cover) (A Harvest Book. Published by Hartcourt, Brace & World, Inc., New York)

Author: Mumford, Lewis

Description: A compilation of 23 articles written by Mumford between 1953 and 1963, including two concerning Frank Lloyd Wright. 1) "What Wright Hath Wrought", published in the New Yorker, December 5, 1959, "The Skyline: What Wright Hath Wrought" (S.1339). 2) "Postscript: In Memoriam: 1869-1959", published in The Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters as "Frank Lloyd Wright", 1960. "One of our great redwoods has fallen and left a space we cannot fill by any quick plantation of lesser trees... By general agreement today, he counts as one of the greatest creative artist the nineteenth century brought forth in any field... It took three centuries to grown this man, and it may take an even longer time to plumb the depths of his genius and to follow through to their ultimate destinations all the trails he opened up." Original list price $1.65. (First Edition) (Sweeney 1533)

Size: 4.25 x 7.1

Pages: Pp 124-142

S#: 1533.00.0113

Date: 1964

Title: L’Architechture Du XX Siecle (The Architecture of the Twentieth Century) (Hard Cover) (Published by Julliard, Paris. Printed in Switzerland)

Author: Bernier, Georges and Rosamond

Description: Printed in French. "This book prepared under the direction of Monique Schneider-Maunoury. The texts and illustrations in this book have been selected from L’Oeil Magazine of Art, Architecture and Decoration, directed by Georges and Rosamond Bernier. Chapter 5: Frank Lloyd Wright, Pp 48-59. 18 photographs and illustrations include: SC Johnson, Robie, Imperial Hotel, Fallingwater, Taliesin West, Taliesin, Unitarian Meeting House, Pauson, Florida Southern College (2), David Wright (2), Mile High Building, Dallas Theater (2), Guggenheim (3). (First Edition)

Size: 9.5 x 12.5

Pages: Pp 282

S#: 1596.27.0314

Date: 1966

Title: Men of Modern Architecture  (Hard Cover - DJ) (Published by Macrae Smith Company Philadelphia)

Author: Forsee, Aylesa

Description: Chapter Two: Frank Lloyd Wright: Uncommon Architect, Uncommon Man.  Original HC List Price $4.75  (Second Edition)


Pages: Pp 35-64

S#: 1652.01.0102

Date: 1967

Title: Sources of Modern Architecture, A Bibliography (Published by Lund Humphries, London, for the Architectural Association, London) (An edition was published in New York by George Wittenborn.)

Author: Compiled by: Sharp, Dennis

Description: Includes a section on Frank Lloyd Wright (pages 38-39). "In 1900, as Hitchcock has remarked, ‘he came to maturity’. The prairie house period began. People in America were beginning to take notice of his writings, lectures and buildings. During the next decade Europe became aware of the work of this remarkable architect..." It includes a short bibliography and a list of 29 books and articles by and about Wright. (Paper Number 2 of 3.) (First Edition) (Sweeney 1685)

Size: 8.25 x 11.6

Pages: Pp 56

S#: 1685.00.0613

AmericanArt 1.jpg (47841 bytes) Date: 1967

Title: American Art Since 1900, A Critical History  (Soft Cover)  (Published by Frederick A. Praeger, New York, Washington)

Author: Rose, Barbara

Description: Includes references on Wright and seven  photograph.  Original SC List Price $3.95  (Second Edition)


Pages: Pp 320

S#: 1686.01.0301

Date: 1968

Title: Conversations with Henry Brandon (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston)

Author: Brandon, Henry; Wright Frank Lloyd

Description: Chapter 3: "Frank Lloyd Wright: Beyond Modern Architecture. He was not just a creative genius, he was a visionary with a poetic pathos. Like so many geniuses, he was an eccentric and like so many eccentrics he was egocentric, and because he was so flamboyantly, so rebelliously egocentric he tended to be tyrannical. But, as everything he did, even his tyranny was in the grand manner... November 1957." One of 15 interviews. Original list price $4.95.

Size: 5.6 x 8.75

Pages: Pp 55-62

S#: 1721.00.0613

Date: 1968

Title: Great Modern Architecture (Published by Studio Vista Limited, London and E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc, New York)

Author: Cantacuzino, Sherban

Description: First three chapters in the book pertain to Wright.  1: Unity Temple;   2: Taliesin West;   3: S.C. Johnson and Son Administration Building.  Includes 15 photographs and four illustrations.  First published in 1966.  Original Soft Cover price $1.95. (Second Edition)

Size: 5 x 7.25

Pages: Pp 8 -27

S#: 1732.05.1006

Date: 1969

Title: Architecture in New York, A Photographic History (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Atheneum, New York)

Author: Andrews, Wayne

Description: In 255 photographs, magnificently reproduced, the incredible range of the architecture of New York State, from Manhattan Island to Chautauqua County, is surveyed by a connoisseur (dust jacket). Section on Frank Lloyd Wright, pages 147-155. Includes photographs of Darwin D. Martin Residence, Larkin Building (2), Boynton and Davidson Residences, Heath Residences (2), Friedman Residences (2), Guggenheim Museum (3) plus the cover. Original list price $17.50 until Dec. 25, 1969, then $20.00. (First Edition) (Sweeney 1758)

Size: 8.75 x 11.5

Pages: Pp 188

S#: 1758.00.0613

Date: 1971

Title: History of Notable American Houses, The American Heritage (Hard Cover - DJ)

Author: Davidson, Marshall B.

Description: Original HC List Price $19.95.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 239 72, 306-10 13 19-24 26 30-31 34 39 46-7 49 50-51 55

S#: 1850.01.0301

Date: 1973

Title: A History of The Modern Movement: Art, Architecture, Design (Soft Cover in Three Volumes) (Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York; Looking and Seeing, London)

Author: Rowland, Kurt

Description: Includes information on Sullivan and Wright. Photographs related to
Frank Lloyd Wright’s work include: Vol 1: The Winslow, Willits, Martin, Robie and Coonley Houses as well as Unity Temple (p.43-47). Vol 3: Robie (p168) and Westcott House (p.180). Original price stamped inside $3.95 (each). (First Edition) 

Size: 8.5 x 10.5

Pages: Pp 240

1940.18.0716 (1-3)
Date: 1973/1982

Title: Historic Architecture in Mississippi (Hard Cover - DJ) (Published by the University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi)

Author: Crocker, Mary Wallace

Description: Part Three, Ocean Springs: "Louis Sullivan Cottages (1890 - S.005-006, Charnley 1890 - S.007-008). Who designed the two bungalows and the octagonal cottage located on east beach in Ocean Springs - Louis Sullivan or Frank Lloyd Wright? There will probably never be definitive answer to that question. Sullivan Wrote... Frank Lloyd Wright, however, in is biography of Sullivan entitled ‘The Genius and the Mobocracy’, wrote ‘He remained away for six weeks at Ocean Springs, Mississippi in the country house I had designed for him...’ " Includes one photograph. (Fourth Edition - 1982) (Sweeney 1911)

Size: 9 x 11.75

Pages: Pp 96-99

S#: 1911.00.1212

Date: 1982

Title: The Innovators: 16 Portraits of the Famous and the Infamous  (Hard Cover - DJ)

Author: Nash, Jay Robert

Description: Chapter 14: Frank Lloyd Wright, The Grand Architect of the Earth. (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 240

ST#: 1982.07.0401

Date: 1986

Title: American Buildings and Their Architects, Volume 5. The Impact of European Modernism in the Mid-Twentieth Century (Soft Cover) (Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York, Toronto, Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Karachi, Petaling Jaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Cape Town, Melbourne, Auckland)

Author: Jordy, William H.

Description: First published 1972. Six chapters. Chapter V: The Encompassing Environment of Free-Form Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. Whatever its faults - and who can unreservedly praise it? - the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is a liberating building. It is liberating, first, in the simple sense of being the worthy, unusual scheme that would ‘never be built’ but was. As such it encourages audacity in the Future." First published in 1972 by Doubleday & Co., Inc, Garden City, New York. First issued in paperback in 1976 by Anchor Books, Garden City, New York. Includes over forty photographs and illustration related to Wright. Original cover price $16.95. 6 x 9.25. Two copies. (Second and Fourth Edition) (Sweeney 1877)

Size: 6 x 9.25

Pages: Pp 279-359

ST#: 1877.02.1010, 1877.04.0612

Date: 1986

Title: American Buildings and Their Architects, Volume 4. Progressive and Academic Ideals at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. (Soft Cover) (Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York, Toronto, Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Karachi, Petaling Jaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Cape Town, Melbourne, Auckland)

Author: Jordy, William H.

Description: First published 1972. Seven chapters. Chapter III: The Organic Ideal: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House. "None of Wright’s early houses is more familiar than the Frederick C. Robie House (1908 - 10) in Chicago. Emphatically representative of his ideas in architectural design as these had developed prior to World War I, it has provided the customary image of the ‘prairie house’." First published in 1972 by Doubleday & Co., Inc, Garden City, New York. First issued in paperback in 1976 by Anchor Books, Garden City, New York. Includes almost twenty photographs and illustration related to Wright. Original cover price $19.95. (Fourth Edition) (Sweeney 1878)

Size: 6 x 9.25.

Pages: Pp 180-216

ST#: 1878.04.0612

Date: 1990

Title: The Architect & the American Country House 1890-1940 (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Yale University Press, New Haven & London)

Author: Hewitt, Mark Alan

Description: "Wealthy Americans began building opulent country estates in the late 1880s and continued to do so for the next fifty years. In this beautifully illustrated and informative book, we view the breadth and aesthetic vitality of these American country houses through the expert eye of a practicing architect. Mark Hewitt introduces the largely forgotten group of architects who designed the houses, reveals the tastes and foibles of the clients who commissioned them, and reevaluates the significance of these homes for the history of domestic architecture in America... The book features sixty special color photographs by the noted architectural photographer Richard Cheek and over 250 photographs from rare collections of the work of turn-of-the-century society photographers. Also included are an abundance of plans and architectural renderings and brief biographies of over one hundred domestic architects and garden designers of the period." (Dust jacket.) Includes Wright’s Taliesin and Wingspread. Original list price $55.00. (First Edition)

Size: 10 x 12.25

Pages: Pp 312

East-Heinz 1.jpg (31723 bytes) Date: 1991

Title: The Preservationist’s Progress (Hard Cover - DJ)

Author: Howard, Hugh

Description: Chapter 7: The Artist’s Collector - Chapter on Wright.  Original HC List Price $22.95.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 272

ST#: 1991.16.0901

Date: 1996

Title: Great People of the 20th Century  (Hard Cover)

Author: Time Editors

Description: Chapter on Wright.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 159, 180

ST#: 1996.16.0801

Date: 1997

Title: Architecture Source Book  (Hard Cover - DJ)

Author: Gibberd, Vernon

Description: References to Wright.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 192

ST#: 1997.01.0399

Date: 1997

Title: Chicago Days. 150 Defining Moments in the Life of a Great City (Soft Cover) (Published by Cantigny First Division Foundation, Wheaton, Illinois.)

Author: Staff of the Chicago Tribune, Edited by Swanson, Stevenson

Description: "Frank Lloyd Wright’s First House. With a loan from ‘Lieber Meister,’ the young architect begins his search for new style. August 19, 1889, The Chicago Tribune. His employer had just given him a five-year contract and yet, already supremely self-confident at the age of twenty-two, Frank Lloyd Wright wanted more. ‘Mr. Sullivan,’ he said, ‘if you want me to work for you as long as five years, couldn’t you lend me enough money to build a little house?’... In November 1909 the Tribune carried a story with the headline: Leave Families, Elope to Europe." Pp 54-55. Includes four photographs related to Wright. Original Soft Cover list price $19.95. (Fourth Edition)

Size: 8.5 x 11

Pages: Pp 276

ST#: 1997.48.0510

Date: 1997

Title: Geniuses & Other Eccentrics. Photographing My Friends (Soft Cover) (Published by Green Trees Press, San Francisco)

Author: Rodman, Selden

Description: A compilation of impressions and photographs of 182 Writers, Poets, Painters, Sculptors, Architects and Radical Thinkers. Chapter 171: Frank Lloyd Wright. "I think I must be one of the few people - certainly only one of the few still alive - to have visited Frank Lloyd Wright at both Taliesin East and Taliesin West. I photographed the great architect in both his homes, and at the second visit, in Arizona, which came twenty-two years later, he looked younger. The secret of this longevity was not only Wright’s creative power, which kept increasing, but his wit, in which he always prevailed." Includes one photograph of Wright. Original list price $22.00. (First Edition) 

Size: 8.5 x 11

Pages: Pp 188

ST#: 1997.57.0113

Date: 1998

Title: Rendering Real and Imagined Buildings. The Art of Computer Modeling (Hard Cover - DJ) (Includes CD) (Published by Rockport Publishers, Inc.)

Author: Novitski, B.J.; Forward: Mitchell, William J.

Description: It has been nearly fifty years since anyone has walked through Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Building... explores the world of buildings that were, that could have been or that are yet to be. The book presents 27 buildings from an ancient temple to a house by Frank Lloyd Wright to an airport for the future. (Publisher’s description.) Chapters, information and illustrations concerning the Pauson Residence (17), the Larkin Building: A Lost Monument to Modernism, (62-69), the Banff Park Pavilion: Lost Gem of the Rockies (72-75), the Trinity Chapel project (76-77) and the Illinois Building, Wright’s Mile-High Fantasy (98-105). Includes interactive CD. Original cover price $50.00. (First Edition)

Size: 8.75 x 11.25

Pages: Pp 175

ST#: 1998.66.0811

Date: 2000

Title: America Reborn. A Twentieth-Century Narrative in Twenty-Six Lives (Published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York)

Author: Walker, Martin

Description: Chapter 10: Frank Lloyd Wright and the American Space. "... as he approached his seventieth year, his greatest work was still to come. There were to be three immortal buildings, a private home, a public museum, and an industrial building, which as a whole embody the modern movement and the main form of a distinctive American architecture..." Fallingwater, the Guggenheim Museum and the Johnson Wax headquarters. "By the end of the century, most Americans lived and worked in pallid echoes of Wright’s visions. Some were even lucky enough to know the real thing." Original List Price $29.95. (First Edition)

Size: 6.5 x 9.5

Pages: Pp 393

ST#: 2000.67.0913

Date: 2002

Title: Art & Architecture on 1001 Afternoons in Chicago.  Essays and tall tales of artists and the cityscape of the 1920's. (Published by Snickersnee Press, Washington DC)  (Hard Cover)

Author: Hecht, Ben; Commentary and book by Kovan, Florice Whyte

Description: Ben Hecht wrote for the Chicago Daily News and the Chicago Literary Times between 1921-25 before he became Hollywood’s highest paid writer.  Not really related to Wright other than a photograph of Wright in 1956.  “Decades before Frank Lloyd Wright showed his mile high building idea to Chicago, Ben Hecht did the send-up, Peer Gynt’s Panhandle. Page 90.”  “In 1956 Frank Lloyd Wright presents his conception of a 528 foot Illinois Building in Chicago.”  Includes one photograph related to Wright.  Original cover price $23.95. (First Edition)

Size: 10.75 x 8.5

Pages: Pp 114

ST#: 2002.75.0307

Date: 2003

Title: Architecture in Detail: New York  (Library Binding DJ)  (Published by PRC Publishing Ltd, London)

Author: Reiss, Marcia

Description: Twenty of New York’s most impressive, buildings receive detailed attention, including Wright’s Guggenheim Museum.  Traces 16 year battle from concept to conception, “...the most controversial building ever to rise in New York.  ...When a ten-story addition was proposed in 1985, the museum was once again the center of controversy... because it might have altered a recognized work of art.”  Includes four photographs. Original list price $12.95. (First Edition)

Size: 6.3 x 8.25

Pages: Pp 96

ST#: 2003.25.0607

Date: 2003

Title: Modern Architecture and Other Essays (Published by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey and in the United Kingdom, Woodstock, Oxfordshire)

Author: Scully. Vincent; Levine, Neil

Description: This extensively illustrated and elegantly designed volume distills Scully's incalculable contribution. Neil Levine, a former student of Scully's, selects twenty essays that reveal the breadth and depth of Scully's work from the 1950s through the 1990s. The essays also highlight Scully's engagement with the careers of so many of the twentieth century's most significant architects, from Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn to Robert Venturi. (Publisher’s description.) Of the 20 essays Wright is included in all but six, three being devoted to Wright. Ch. 2 "Wright vs. the International Style" was first published in Art News, March 1954. Ch. 6 "Frank Lloyd Wright and the Twentieth-Century Style" was published in 1963. Ch. 11 "Frank Lloyd Wright and the Stuff of Dreams" was published in 1980. Includes 28 photographs and illustrations of Wright’s work. Also includes a biography of Vincent Scully’s Writings. Original SC list price $39.95. HC list price $60.00. (First Edition)

Size: 8.4 x 10.25

Pages: Pp 400

ST#: 2003.35.1009

Date: 2005

Title: Masters of Modern Design, A Critical Assessment (Hard Cover, DJ) (Published by The Monacelli Press, Inc. New York)

Author: Marcus, Geroge H.

Description: Chapter 4: Frank Lloyd Wright. Face to face with the machine. The twelve designers featured, originators of ideas vital to the contemporary world -- have had an immeasurable impact on the buildings, houses, furniture, cars, and basic products we use daily. Other chapters include, William Morris, Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames. Profiles present a parallel history of design movements from the nineteenth century on: Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, the International Style, the Bauhaus, postmodernism, and more. Marcus discusses the history, development, philosophy, and process of these influential designers. He focuses on the definitive stances each took in regard to modernism -- issues of decoration, simplicity, functionality, and mass-production -- and the inescapable connections of their works and ideas. (Publisher’s Description.) Original list price $50.00. (First Edition)

Size: 8.5 x 11

Pages: Pp 176

ST#: 2005.31.1212

Date: 2006

Title: Prebles’ Artforms, An Introduction to the Visual Arts, Eighth Edition (Soft Cover) (Published by Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey)

Author: Frank, Patrick

Description: This eighth edition was first published in 2002. From the First Edition in 1972, Artforms has been as visually exciting as the individual works of art that are  reproduced in it. Artforms grew out of a desire to introduce art through an engaging visual experience. It is written and designed to help readers build an informed foundation for individual understanding and enjoyment of art. In the new, Eighth Edition, the title has been modified to Prebles' Artforms, acknowledging the pioneering contribution of the original authors, Duane and Sarah Preble, to the study of art. Their vision and spirit have touched hundreds of thousands of students who have studied Artforms (publisher’s description). Includes a biography on Frank Lloyd Wright, and touches on Fallingwater, the Guggenheim and Robie House. (Fourth Edition)

Size: 8.5 x 10.75 

Pages: Pp 507

ST#: 2006.43.1214

Date: 2007

Title: Makers of Modern Architecture, From Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry (Hard Cover, DJ) (Published by The New York Review of Books, New York)

Author: Filler, Martin

Description: Filler's articles on architectural history in The New York Review of Books were the first to which architecture buffs turned. Through him they began to understand what happened to make modern architecture modern, who caused it to happen, and why. Filler concentrates on the "who" and rightly so as he traces the personalities of everyone from Louis Sullivan, the largely unsung father of the skyscraper, to Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Robert Ventura and Frank Gehry, revealing both their aesthetics and construction innovations. (Publisher’s description.) Extensive references to Wright. Original list price $29.75. (First Edition)

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Pages: Pp 323

ST#: 2007.63.0811

Date: 2008

Title: Architecture, A World History (Stiff Soft Cover) (Published by Abrams, New York, An imprint of Harry N. Abrams, Inc.)

Author: Borden, Daniel; Elzanowski, Jerzy; Lawrenz, Cornelia; Miller, Daniel; Smith, Adele; Taylor, Joni

Description: Lavishly illustrated, this pocket-sized book is bursting with 600 illustrations, page after page is dedicated to significant architectural movements, time lines that explore the evolution of the practice, and capsule biographies of great architects and examinations of their masterpieces. Organized chronologically, the book travels from prehistory to the present, highlighting noteworthy examples of important architectural styles, and showcasing the work of significant architects. (Publisher’s description.) Section on Frank Lloyd Wright (pages 382-385) includes descriptions of Fallingwater, Johnson Wax Administration, Robie House, Solomon R, Guggenheim Museum and Unity Temple. Original stiff soft cover list price $19.95. (First Edition)

Size: 5 x 6.5

Pages: Pp 512

ST#: 2008.20.1212

Date: 2010

Title: The Finest Rooms in America. Fifty Influential Interiors from the Eighteenth Century to the Present. (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by The Monacelli Press, a division of Random House, Inc., New York)

Author: Jayne, Thomas with Walker, Ann

Description: Of the 50 homes, it includes the Living Room of Hollyhock House, Los Angeles, California, pages 52-55. "Built between 1919 and 1921 for oil heiress Aline Barnsdall, Hollyhock House was
Frank Lloyd Wright’s first project in California. Had a full scheme been realized, the house would have stood as the centerpiece of a theater community with several other buildings on a 36-acre site known as Olive Hill..." Includes two photographs, by Tim Street-Porter / Esto and Larry Underhill. Original list price $50.00. (First Edition)

Size: 9.25 x 10.75

Pages: Pp 207



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