Date: 1938

Title: Life Magazine - January 17, 1938  (Published weekly by Time Inc., New York)

Author: Anonymous

Description: Full page Ad: “The Architectural Forum has the honor to announce the publication of an entire issue written and designed by and devoted to the new and unpublished work of Frank Lloyd Wright.”  Ad for January issue.  $2 per copy.  Includes one photograph by Henrich Blessing.  Original cover price 10 cents. 

Size: 10.5 x 14

Pages: P Inside Front Cover

S#: 0457.03.0307

ArchRec8-28 1.jpg (30714 bytes) Date: 1938

Title: Life Magazine - September 26, 1938

Author: Frank Lloyd Wright

Description: "Modern" house for Blackbourns of Minneapolis: If you earn $5,000-6,000 you can build one like it. Related Book: The 1940 Book of Small Houses (1938)


Pages: Pp 56, 60-61

S#: 0447.00.0900

Date: 1939

Title: Life Magazine - March 20 1939 (Published weekly by Time Inc., Chicago, IL)

Author: Anonymous

Description: “Life Presents Landscapes and a Garden Calendar for Life’s Houses.”  Follow-up to Life’s September 26, 1938 Issue.  Includes eight illustrations, one of which is Wright’s “Modern for $5,000-$6,000 income”.  Original cover price 10c.

Size: 10.5 x 14.

Pages: Pg 24-26

S#: 0489.01.1006

life 5-39 1.jpg (37674 bytes) Date: 1939

Title: Life Magazine - May 8 1939


Description: Johnson Wax Bldg


Pages: Pp 15-17

S#: 0489.00.0700

Date: 1942

Title: Life Magazine - November 9, 1942

Author: Anonymous

Description: Midwesterners Stay Calm in Critical Times.  Photo and caption about Wright.    (Sweeney 592)


Pages: Pp 109

S#: 0592.00.0302

Date: 1945

Title: Life Magazine - October 8, 1945 (Published weekly by Time, Inc., New York)

Author: Anonymous

Description: 1) "Speaking of Pictures ...New Art Museum will be New York’s Strangest Building." Includes five photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Guggenheim Museum Model. Original cover price 10c. (Sweeney 645) Description: 2) "The Waldorf-Astoria. Most Famous U.S. Hotel Thrives on Sumptuous Efficiency." An eight story on the Waldorf-Astoria and Lucius Boomer (1953 - S.261) client of Frank Lloyd Wright, Includes one photograph of Lucius Boomer.
Size: 10.5 x 14  
Pages: Pp 12-13, 15 Pages: Pp 98-105.
S#: 0645.00.0200  
Life8-46 1.jpg (30671 bytes) Date: 1946

Title: Life Magazine - August 12, 1946

Author: Sargent, Winthrop

Description: Frank Lloyd Wright: The titan of modern architecture still flings his houses and his insults at backward colleagues


Pages: Pp 84-96

S#: 0676.00.0401

Date: 1950

Title: Life Magazine - December 11, 1950

Author: Anonymous

Description: "Speaking of Pictures": Johnson’s new ‘Heliolab’ makes strange patters both by night and by day". S.C. Johnson and Son.


Pages: Pg 8-10

S#: 0831.04.0604

Date: 1951

Title: Life Magazine - April 30, 1951 (Published weekly by Time, Inc. Chicago)

Author: Anonymous

Description: “Speaking of Pictures... These show modern church designs.”  Caption: “Steep-roofed prow of Unitarian Church in Madison, Wis., designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, serves as the main part of the church, and comprises the auditorium, pulpit, choir loft and bell tower.  Includes one photograph.  Original cover price 20 cents. 

Size: 10.5 x 14

Pages: Pg 16-17

S#: 0857.04.0607

Date: 1952

Title: Life Magazine - February 4, 1952 (Published weekly by Time Inc., Chicago) (Relates to Huntington Hartford Resort, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Project 1947-8)

Author: Anonymous

Description: "Art Trouble in Paradise. Modernism upsets grocery heir’s Eden. About three years ago millionaire Huntington Hartford, 40-year-old heir to the A&P fortune, concluded that much of the violence of modern society was due to an ignorance of the arts. So he created the Huntington Hartford Foundation and on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in a hidden canyon, built a $600,000 retreat where struggling young artists, writers, composers and sculptors could live and create free from the cares of the world..." Wright’s plans for the resort were presented to Hartford in 1947, and revised in January 1948, but neighborhood opposition ended the project. It was after that (around 1949) that Hartford created his art community instead. Lloyd Wright designed a studio apartment building for the property. Includes nine photographs, one of the building designed by Lloyd Wright.

Size: 10.5 x 14

Pages: Pg 76-79

S#: 0910.31.0515

Date: 1953

Title: Life Magazine - June 15, 1953

Author: Anonymous

Description: "Give Me Land, Lots of Land". Article mentions Frank Lloyd Wright’s receipt of Gold Metal from the National Institute of Arts and Letters among other things.  (Sweeney 943)


Pages: Pg 48

S#: 0943.00.0302

Date: 1955

Title: Life Magazine - May 30, 1955

Author: Frank Lloyd Wright

Description: Ad written by Wright endorsing Life Magazine: "You have to see from inside".


Pages: Pg 98-9

S#: 1147.01.0502

Date: 1956

Title: Life Magazine - March 5, 1956

Author: Anonymous

Description: Spreading out, stretching up. Includes text and one photo about the Dana House.


Pages: Pg 98-9

S#: 1147.01.0502

Date: 1957

Title: Life Magazine - May 13, 1957


Description: Wright Picks a Fight in Arizona: Architect scorns a skyscraper and offers a weird substitute.  (Sweeney 1203)


Pages: Pg 59

S#: 1203.00.0302

Date: 1957

Title: Life Magazine - June 3, 1957  (Published weekly by Time, Inc. Chicago)

Author: Schultz, Gerhard; Rogers, Charles; Entwistle, Harold Author: Anonymous
Description: Letters: “Wright Picks a Fight.”  Three letters published in response to the article in the May 13, 1957 issue.  “ an example of Arizona’s gross stupidity...”  “Wright must think Arizona is inhabited by rockheads.”  “Wright picks fights all over the place and currently has the city of Madison in a dither...”  Includes update on the Madison project and one photograph of Wright’s model for Madison. Description: “Notable Modern Buildings”  Architects Institute picks outstanding designs of past decade. Includes caption and full page photograph of the Price Tower, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  Original cover price 20 cents.  10.5 x 14.
Size: Size:
Pages: Pg 16 Pages: Pg 62
S#: 1203.01.0507  
Date: 1959

Title: Life Magazine - April 27, 1959

Author: Author: Jones, Cranston
Description: The Finale At 89 for a Fiery Genius  (Sweeney 1292) Description: Pride and Prejudices of the Master  (Sweeney 1323)
Size: Size:
Pages: Pg 53 Pages: Pg 54-6
S#: 1292.00.0901 S#: 1323.00.0901
Date: 1959

Title: Life Magazine - November 2, 1959 (Published weekly by Time Inc., Chicago)

Author: Anonymous

Description: “Wright’s Startling Museum Spiral.” Opening of the Guggenheim Museum. Wright predicted “When it is finished and you go into it, you will feel the building. You will feel it as a curving wave that never breaks. Includes one photograph. Original cover price $0.20.

Size: 10.5 x 14.

Pages: Pg 81

S#: 1377.27.1106

Date: 1960

Title: Life Magazine - January 18, 1960

Author: Anonymous

Description: Kalita Humphreys Theater. The only theater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright draws raves at Dallas opening.


Pages: Pp 75

S#: 1458.03.0102

life6-11-71 1.jpg (21509 bytes) Date: 1971

Title: Life Magazine - June 11, 1971

Author: Wainwright, Loudon

Description: Guardian of Legacy  (Sweeney 1855)


Pages: Pp 44-55

S#: 1855.00.1000

Date: 1985 Card

Title: "Life Magazine Remembers" Card from game - 1985

Author: Mydans, Carl

Description: "Life Magazine Remembers" the Imperial Hotel. Card #53 from game.  Picture circa 30-40's

Size: 5 x 3


ST#: 1985.07.0202

Date: 1990

Title: Life Magazine - Fall 1990

Author: Anonymous

Description: "The 100 Most important Americans of the 20th Century." Frank Lloyd Wright Maverick Architect of a Functional Form.


Pages: Pp 105

ST#: 1990.30.1104

Date: 1997

Title: Life Magazine - May 1997

Author: Allen, Jenny

Description: The 97 Life Dream Home: Continuing the tradition of the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright, His Firm, Taliesin Architects, Designs a home for today.


Pages: Pp 103-132

ST#: 1997.09.0597

Date: America The Beautiful, 100 Places to See in Your Lifetime (2007)

Title: America The Beautiful, 100 Places to See in Your Lifetime (Soft Cover) (Published by Time, Inc., Life Books, Des Moines, IA)

Author: Editor: Sullivan, Robert; Copy: Gaspar, Lesley; McGaw, Parlan

Description: Fallingwater is one of the 100 places to visit in your lifetime. "Most children play in tree houses or wish they could. Or they dream of castles in the sky or underwater homes. As adults, we usually put such dreams aside, but not always and not all of us..." (Page 29) Includes one illustration. Original Soft Cover price $10.99. (First Edition)

Size: 9 x 11

Pages: Pp 144

ST#: 2007.56.0607



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