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ElementsInterior 1.jpg (42829 bytes) Date: 1951

Title: Elements of Interior Design and Decoration  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by J.B. Lippincott Company, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York)

Author: Whiton, Sherrill

Description: Influences of Wright and Sullivan.  Includes references on Wright and one photograph of the living room at Taliesin by Stoller.  Original HC List Price $7.50.  (First Edition)


Pages: Pp 335,386-8

S#: 0834.01.0201

Date: 1950

Title: What is modern design? (Soft Cover) (Published by The Museum of Modern Art, New York)

Author: Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr.; MOMA

Description: Introductory Series to the Modern Arts, 3. "Why is design important? Why is modern design today different from that of 1920 or even 1940? These are large questions to be answered in so small a book, but pioneering generations of modern designers and teachers have provided work and ideas which point to the answers." Acquired this booklet under the assumption that, like the next, "What is modern interior design?" 1953, it would included information concerning Frank Lloyd Wright. It does not even include a mention, other than one source in the bibliography. (First Edition)

Size: 7.5 x 10.

Pages: Pp 32

S#: 0831.34.113

Date: 1953

Title: What is modern interior design? (Soft Cover) (Published by The Museum of Modern Art, New York)

Author: Kaufmann, Edgar, Jr.

Description: Introductory Series to the Modern Arts, 4. "This booklet grew from a small exhibition first prepared for the Museum of Modern Art in 1947, Modern Rooms of the Last Fifty Years. Its purpose is to show the art of arranging objects for agreeable living as this art developed in the first century of modern design. 1850-1950; to observe in this history a few dominant traits; and to show that these traits are evident in good interiors today. It is intended as a companion and supplement to a booklet issued earlier by the Museum of Modern Art, What is Modern Design? ...This booklet closed with two interiors by the dean of architectural design in the United States, whose wide, profound influence has been acknowledged all over the world, who has built and arranged more interiors than any of his colleagues - that same Frank Lloyd Wright..." Nine Wright photographs include the Mossberg, Taliesin, Wingspread, Lloyd Lewis (2), Edward Waller, Oboler, Goetsch-Winckler, Pauson living and dining rooms.  (First Edition)

Size: 7.5 x 10

Pages: Pp 32

S#: 0987.65.1213

Date: 2003

Title: Interior Style & Design (Hard Cover - DJ)

Author: Ehrlich, Doreen

Description: Original HC List Price $19.98.(First Edition)


Pages: Pp 176

ST#: 2003.01.1103




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