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Wright Studies
Nakoma Country Club/Nakoma Memorial Gateway (1923/1924 - 2002)

Nakoma and Nakomis (Hubbard) 1974

According to Thomas Nelson Hubbard, he was given a set of Nakoma and Nakomis terra-cotta statues by his father, Willis W. Hubbard. Willis, an architect in the Chicago area, told him that he received the statues as a gift from the Otis Elevator Company.
       Born in February 1931, Thomas graduated from Yale in 1953. After serving in the Army, he worked for Rand McNally & Company for nine years. He then formed his own company, Hubbard Scientific, the largest manufacturer of raised relief maps in the United States. After selling the company in 1973, he formed Crystal Productions, producing and publishing educational art and science resource materials. He was a talented watercolor artist, specializing in landscape, fly fishing and wildlife scenes.
       To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the original design, Thomas Hubbard contacted the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and was granted a license to produce bronze sculptures in December 1973. Molds were created from the original terra-cotta
  sculptures created in 1929-30. The first bronze sets were produced by the Shidoni Foundry in Tesuque, New Mexico. The original list price was $1,650. The license specified that upon the production of 500 bronze sets, the molds would be destroyed.
       Hubbard and The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation also published the 12 page booklet "Indian Memorials". It included a short biography of Wright, examples of Wright’s Dana House, Midway Gardens and Imperial Hotel sculptures, Wright’s original drawings of the Nakoma and Nakomis, and photographs of the two new bronze sculptures.
       Approximately 200 sets have been produced, and sets are still available from the Zaplin/Lampert Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico.
       Although Thomas was involved in a hang gliding accident in 1975 that left him a paraplegic, it did not dampen his enthusiasm for life. He passed away in March 2011, at the age of nearly 80.
Wright's original drawing of the Indian Chief Nakomis. On Wright's original drawing of the female squaw, the name Nakomis is clearly written twice, while on the drawing of the male chief there is no writing at all. This lead to the misconception that Nakoma was the Indian chief. Published in "Indian Memorials", Hubbard, 1974, page 4. Courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.
Hubbard Bronze sculptures, first produced in 1974. Nakomis (left) 17 1/2" high. Nakoma (right) 12" high. Courtesy of the Zaplin/Lampert Gallery.
Cover of the "Indian Memorials", published by Hubbard Associates and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It included a short biography on Wright, examples of Wright's Dana House, Midway Gardens and Imperial Hotel sculptures, Wright's original drawings of the Nakoma and Nakomis, and photographs of the two new bronze sculptures.
Text by Douglas M. Steiner, Copyright 2012

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"Frank Lloyd Wright's Nakoma Clubhouse & Sculptures." A comprehensive study of Wright’s Nakoma Clubhouse and the Nakoma and Nakomis Sculptures. Now Available. Limited Edition. More information.


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