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An American Architecture (Hard Cover Slip Case) (Published by Shokokusha, Tokyo. Translated by Masami and Yoshiko Tanigawa.) Wright, Frank Lloyd; Ed Kaufmann, Edgar Japanese Edition. "Wright in now universally regarded as one of history’s great men - the man has liberated architecture, the man whose work is changing the face of the earth." His building designs – for dwellings and skyscrapers, industrial plants and housing projects, hotels and theatres – have enriched the world beyond measure; hardly a structure is now build anywhere that does not in some way bear the mark of his genius. And "organic architecture," the phrase long used by Mr. Wright... Continue... (Sweeney 1050) Pp 309 1050.04.1017
C 1970
The Natural House (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Horizon Press, New York) (Hard Cover, Thick stiff board) Wright, Frank Lloyd Copyright 1954, but publication date not indicated. Red square only (no text) on cloth cover. Text on spine is all in red. Small red box missing from frontispiece. Cover board is thicker and stiffer. Interior remains the same. ISBN number printed on dust jacket and publication information page. Standard Book Numbering (SBN) numbers were first implemented in 1967. ISBN numbers were implemented in 1970. Horizon Press address is now "156 Fifth Avenue, New York." 8 x 10.25 (Sweeney 991) Pp 223 0992.07.0916
The Natural House (Soft Cover) (Published by The New American Library, New York and Scarborough, Ontario. A Meridian Book.) Wright, Frank Lloyd First Meridian Printing 1970. Copyright Horizon Press, Inc., 1954, renewed 1982 by Horizon Press. "The Natural House incorporates all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous convictions concerning the basic integrity necessary to a great architecture – convictions which have changed the architectural shape of the twentieth century. ‘If his work at times appears as pure fantasy, we should remember that his extraordinary intuition has often anticipated technological advances (and the experts therein) by dozens of... Continue... (Sweeney 991) Pp 224 0992.08.0916
Frank Lloyd Wright, His Life, His Work, His Words  (Hard Cover)  (Published by Editorial Troquel S.A., San Jose, Buenos Aires) Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd (Spanish Version)  Very similar to the 1966 English version.  8x10. (First Edition) (Sweeney 1648) Pp 240 1648.03.0906
Frank Lloyd Wright, His Life, His Work, His Words  (Great Britain Version)  (Published by Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd., London, Nairobi, Kenya; Victoria, Australia; Johannesburg, S. Africa)  (Hard Cover DJ) Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd Exactly the same as the 1966 English version except for the cover and dust jacket.  Original cover price 70s (£3.50).  8.25 x 10.25.  (First Edition) (Sweeney 1648) Pp 224 1648.04.0407
Frank Lloyd Wright  (Hard Cover - DJ) Bardeschi, Marco Dezzi (Italian Version)  Published in1970 as an English version.  Original HC List Price L. 1200.  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1804) Pp 96 1804.00.0401

Bannerstone House: A Frank Lloyd Wright House  (Soft Cover)

Cavanaugh, Tom R. & Thomas, Payne E. L. Dana House.  In 1944 Charles C. Thomas, a publisher purchased the Dana House with most of its original furnishings.  He maintained the house and its contents as the headquarters of his publishing firm and renamed it Bannerstone House.  Original SC List Price $3.75.  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1805) Pp 41 1805.00.0902
Four Great Makers of Modern Architecture: Gropius, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Wright. (Hard Cover, No DJ) (A Da Capo Press Reprint Edition. This edition is an unabridged republication of the first edition (S.1528) published in 1963. Published by Da Capo Press, New York) Dow, Alden B.; Kaufmann, Edgar Jr.; Manson, Grant; Churchill, Henry S.; Collins, George R.; Smith, Norris; Fitch, James Marston A Verbatim record of a symposium held at the School of Architecture, Columbia University, from March to May 1961. Includes chapters by: Dow: "The Continuity of Idea and Form" Pp 24; Kaufmann: "The Fine Arts and Frank Lloyd Wright" Pp 27; Manson: "Frank Lloyd Wright and the Tall Building" Pp 38; Churchill: "The Social Implications of the Skyscraper" Pp 44; Collins: "Broadacre City: Wright’s Utopia Reconsidered" Pp 55; Smith: "The Domestic...   Continue...  (Sweeney 1806) Pp 296 1806.00.1112
GA 1: Global Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, Johnson & Son, Administration Building and Research Tower, Racine, Wisconsin. 1936-9 Edited and Photographed by Futagawa, Yukio; Text by Isozaki, Arata See Second Edition (Sweeney #1808) Pp 48  
GA 2: Global Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, Kaufmann House, "Fallingwater," Bear Run Pennsylvania. 1936  (Soft Cover) Futagawa, Yukio & Marlin, Paul (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1809) Pp 48 1809.00.0904
Public Works: A Dangerous Trade (Published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York) Moses, Robert In 1942, Moses was appointed to the New York City Planning Commission. When Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to design the Guggenheim Museum, he was also tasked with finding the location. Wright sought the help of his second cousin, Robert Moses. In this volume, Moses includes correspondence between himself, Wright and Harry Guggenheim (p.855-872). He also includes one letter from his niece and Wright client Mrs. Patrick...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1810) Pp 952 1810.00.0416
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Frank Lloyd Wright I: Public Buildings (Hard Cover - DJ) (Published by Simon and Schuster, New York)  Two Copies. Pawley, Matrin; Photos by Futagawa, Yukio Original HC List Price $7.50.  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1811) Pp 130 1811.00.0780 1811.02.0105
Treasure Rooms of America’s Mansions Manor and Houses (Hard Cover, No DJ) (Published in association with Country Beautiful Corporation, Waukesha, Wisconsin by Coward-McCann, Inc., New York) Reif, Rita Darwin D. Martin House, Buffalo, New York. Frank Lloyd Wright’s "Prairie House". Short history and update on the restoration of the home. Designed by Wright in 1904 for the Martins. In 1939 when the Martin family left, it was divided into three apartments and an office. In 1967 the home was purchased in 1967 to provide an official home for he president of the State University of New York. They hired Edgar Tafel to restore the home to its original condition...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1812) Pp 294-298 1812.00.1112
Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright (Soft Cover) (Published by Arizona state University, Tempe, AZ) Edited by: Smith, Dean Revised edition of the same sized booklet produced in 1964 (S#1569). Includes some of the same sections and photographs, but completely revised and updated. "They had walked the length and breadth of the campus that warm May afternoon in 1957, seeking a site for a university auditorium that was as yet only an improbable dream... Mr. Wright studied the grassy area in momentary silence, noting its circular frontage bounded by a busy highway, and...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1813) Pp 36 1813.00.0612
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The Imperial Hotel Story  (Soft Cover)  (Published by The Imperial Hotel, Japan) Tiltman, Hessell Revised edition.  See #1571.01. (Sweeney 1814) Pp 80 1814.00.0800
An Organic Architecture: The Architecture of Democracy  (Hard Cover DJ)  (Published by M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts) Wright, Frank Lloyd First published in 1939 (S.463).  The Sir George Watson Lectures of the Sulgrave Manor Board.  Four lectures delivered by Wright at the Royal Institute of British Architects in May, 1939.  In 1953, the four lectures were reprinted in full as part of “The Future of Architecture” pages 221-293 (S.913).  This facsimile edition published by M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. (First Edition) (Sweeney 1815) Pp 56 1815.00.0303 1815.00.0504
The Future of Architecture  (Soft Cover) Wright, Frank Lloyd Published by Meridian.  Original SC List Price $6.95.  (Sixth Edition) (Sweeney 913) Pp 352 1815.03.0304
Writ&BldgPB 2.jpg (5986 bytes)
Frank Lloyd Wright: Writings and Buildings  (Soft Cover (Published by Meridian Books, Inc., Cleveland and New York) Ed Kaufmann & Raeburn Original SC List Price $3.95.  (Ninth Paper Edition)  (Sweeney 1401) Pp 346 1401.03.0399
Production Dwellings: An Opportunity for Excellence (Published by the Department of Natural Resources, Madison, Wisconsin, and The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Spring Green, Wisconsin) Swaback, Vernon D. Prepared by Taliesin Associated Architects of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.  Copyright The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. 11 x 8.5. (First Edition) Pp 48 1815.04.0506
The Rise of An American Architecture (Hard Cover - DJ) (Published in Association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Praeger Publishers, New York, Washington, London) Hitchcock, Henry-Russell; Fein, Albert; Weisman, Winston; Scully, Vincent "This book was conceived as a counterpart to an exhibition opening under the same name and the same auspices at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in May of 1970. ...The exhibition, which will travel to several American cities, gives prominence to nine important, still standing American buildings of the period 1815 to 1915", (p223). Text from the Exhibition: Frank J. Baker’s House, Wilmette, Illinois, 1909. Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, (p232-3). Exhibition Director Edgar...  Continue...  Pp 241 1846.14.1010
Famous American Books (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York Downs, Robert B. Book Review of "An Autobiography", Frank Lloyd Wright, 1932. Chapter 39: "Master Builder, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Autobiography, 1932. When Frank Lloyd Wright died at the age of ninety, he left as his monument 700 completed structures and plans for at least 300 more, including homes, hotels, factories, office buildings, museums, and churches. Wright had achieved fame beyond any American artist and was as renowned abroad as at home... Though a sharp critic of...  Continue...  (Sweeney 314) Pp 283-289 0314.00.1013
Lloyd Wright, Architect: 20th Century Architect in an Organic Exhibition (Soft Cover) (Published by Art Galleries, University of California, Santa Barbara, California) Gebhard, David and Harriette Von Breton Lloyd Wright, an architect in his own right was the eldest son of Frank Lloyd Wright. This is a catalog for an exhibition organized by David Gebhard and Harriette Von Breton for the Art Galleries, University of California, Santa Barbara, from November 23 to December 22, 1971. Extensive biography describes his life growing up in the Wright household, and his experience assisting his father before 1930. Includes numerous illustrations and photographs of his work, as well as...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1847) Pp 101 1847.00.1112
Frank Lloyd Wright: The Architectural Genius of the Twentieth Century  (Published by SamHar Press, Charlotteville, NY)  (Soft Cover - Laminated) Salsini, Paul Original HC List Price $4.95, SC List Price $?.  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1848) Pp 32 1848.00.0401
Genius and the Mobocracy. The work-life of a great master, Louis Sullivan, and of the pencil in his hand - myself." - F.LL.W. (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Horizon Press, New York) Wright, Frank Lloyd First published in 1949 by Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York. "This enlarged edition of ‘Genius and the Mobocracy’ contains, in addition to the thirty-nine drawings by Louis Sullivan from the original edition, two drawings by Frank Lloyd Wright incorporated in the text; a separate section of twenty drawings, nineteen by Louis Sullivan and one by Frank Lloyd Wright, all hitherto unpublished, fifty-four photographs; and two essays by Louis Sullivan on Frank Lloyd...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1849) Pp 247 1849.00.1012
History of Notable American Houses, The American Heritage (Hard Cover - DJ) Davidson, Marshall B. Original HC List Price $19.95. (First Edition) Pp 239 72, 306-10 13 19-24 26 30-31 34 39 46-7 49 50-51 55 1850.01.0301
Mountain Run Master Plan (Soft Cover, Spiral Bound) (Published by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Spring Green and Scottsdale.) Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation In 1971, Weilliam MacWilliams approached the Taliesin Architects at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to create a master plan for a 600 acre planned Community. Mountain Run was proposed as a planned community centered on 600 acres of private land on the west flank of the Massanutten Mountain. Seven miles northeast of New Market, it adjoins the 75,000 acre George Washington National Forest. The planned community featured a year-round resort with skiing, riding, fishing, hunting, camping...  Continue...  Pp 91 1867.18.1217

Robie House (Published by The University of Chicago, Office of Special Events, Chicago)

Anonymous (FTS:sps, aas) "Architectural and Historical Guide." A well written and informative paper which includes history of Robie House and quotes by and about Wright and the Robie House. Was tucked in a used book I purchased. 8.5 x 11. (First Edition) Pp 8 1850.02.0202
The World’s Most Modern Office Building (Single sheets) (Published by S.C. Johnson & Son, Racine, Wisc.) S.C. Johnson & Son "The Johnson’s Wax Administration Building, called by architects the greatest contribution to business housing since the design of the skyscraper, was officially opened April 22-23-24, 1939..." A six-page typewritten narrative, describing major innovations, 43 miles of glass, the dendriform columns, the Great Workroom, Cherokee red brick walls, modern furniture, features and highlights. Includes 10 photographs. 8.5 x 11. Pp 6 1867.15.0614
A Testament  (Soft Cover) (Published by Avon-Discus.) Wright, Frank Lloyd Frank Lloyd Wright separates this volume into two books. Book One - Autobiography. Unlike other volumes that Wright revised and updates, this does not appear to be a revision of his early "An Autobiography, but a fresh autobiography of his life. Book Two - The New Architecture. "Frank Lloyd Wright presents an illuminating synthesis of the nine great principles upon which he has unremittingly based his lifework. This is the basic account of his creative life and ideas – the Testament...  Continue...  Pp 190 1149.06.0504
FLW20thCentMast 2.jpg (6100 bytes)
Frank Lloyd Wright  (Hard Cover - DJ) Bardeschi, Marco Dezzi First published in 1970 as an Italian version.  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1868) Pp 94 1868.00.0579
The Arts & Crafts Movement, in America 1876-1916 (Published by the Trustees of Princeton University.  Distributed by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey)  Published in conjunction with an exhibition by the same title, organized by the Art Museum, Princeton University, and The Art Institute of Chicago.  Edited: Clark, Robert Judson;  Ch. 2) Hanks, David A.;  Ch. 4) Thompson, Susan Otis Exhibited at The Art Museum, Princeton University, 21 October - 17 December 1972; The Art Institute of Chicago, 24 February - 22 April 1973; and Renwick Gallery of the National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, 1 June - 10 September 1973.  Chapter 2: “Chicago and the Midwest” has a section “Frank Lloyd Wright”, Hanks, which includes 13 descriptions and photographs, pages 68-75.  Chapter 4: “The Arts and Crafts Book” Thompson, includes one...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1875) Pp 190 1875.00.0207
The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers, Papers, Volume IX, 1972 (Hard Cover, No DJ) (Published for The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers by The University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia) Muggenberg, James R.; Edited by William B. O’neal Section 4: Frank Lloyd Wright in Print, 1959-1970. "Wright, along with Sullivan, Gropius, Le Corbusier, and Mies was a pivotal talent in the development of modern architecture. It has appeared to some that he was passed by and out of touch. I doubt if time will bear this out. Perhaps it will become increasingly clear that Wright’s Usonian philosophy is more lasting, versatile, and viable than anyone had thought." An annotated bibliography of books and catalogs (by...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1879) Pp 85-132 1879.00.1112
flw-Willard 2.jpg (7095 bytes)
Frank Lloyd Wright American Architect  (Hard Cover - DJ) Willard, Charlotte Original HC List Price $5.95.  5.75 x 8.5. (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1881) Pp 183 1881.00.0100
F. L. Wright, Understanding the Yamamura House (Stiff Paper Covers) (Published by The Architectural Institute of Japan.) I) Katsuki; Sakamoto; II) Tanigawa, Masami III) Many authors, including Tanigawa IV) Tanigawa Japanese text. The Tazaemon Yamamura Residence (1918 - S.212) was one of four buildings Frank Lloyd Wright designed in Japan. The others being: The Imperial Hotel (1915 - S.194); Aisaku Hayashi Residence (1917 - S.206); Arinobu Fukuhara Residence (1918 - S.207, destroyed 1923 earthquake); Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ School (1921 - S.213). This volume includes a short biography on Wright, as-well-as a bibliography on published books by and about Frank Lloyd Wright, floor plans for each of the...  Continue...  Pp 72 1909.51.1017
Roots of Contemporary American Architecture. 37 Essays from the Mid-Century to the Present (Published by Dover Publications, Inc., New York) Collected and Edited By: Mumford, Lewis First published in 1952 by Reinhold publishing. This Dover edition replaced the original "Prefatory Note" with the "Preface to the Second Edition" which was published in 1959 by Grove Press, Inc. 1) Ch. 16: "Nature as Architecture, The Bad Lands." Reprinted from Frank Lloyd Wright on Architecture, 1941, pages 191-199. 2) Ch. 20: "The Art and Craft of the Machine." Reprinted from Modern Architecture, 1931, pages 7-23. Originally delivered at Hull House, Chicago, in 1901...  Continue...  Pp Cover, 132-140, 169-185, 435-437 1909.10.0810
Frank Lloyd Wright in Imperial Hotel   (Hard Cover - DJ, Boxed slip cover, Custom Cardboard Packing Box) Akashi, Nobumichi The most complete photographic record I have seen.  Before and during destruction.  In Japanese.  Boxed slip cover.  Original HC List Price ¥18,000.  (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1882) Pp 183 1882.00.0902
Frank Lloyd Wright: Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, Montana, October 1 - November 17, 1973. "The Selected Work of Frank Lloyd Wright: 1887 - 1959. An exhibition at the Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, Montana. (Soft Cover) (Published by the Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, Montana) Yellowstone Art Center, Introduction by Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks A catalog folder with 16 single sheets printed both sides. This is the first time in over ten years that a comprehensive exhibition of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright has been made available to the public... He never touched his pencil to paper for any new design until the project was so crystallized in s min tat he was... ‘walking around inside the building, placing bowls of flowers, and arranging furniture... ...the furniture of Frank Lloyd Wright was constructed by the Yellowstone Art...  Continue...  Pp 32 1910.00.0904
Historic Architecture in Mississippi (Hard Cover - DJ) (Published by the University Press of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi) Crocker, Mary Wallace Part Three, Ocean Springs: "Louis Sullivan Cottages (1890 - S.005-006, Charnley 1890 - S.007-008). Who designed the two bungalows and the octagonal cottage located on east beach in Ocean Springs - Louis Sullivan or Frank Lloyd Wright? There will probably never be definitive answer to that question. Sullivan Wrote... Frank Lloyd Wright, however, in is biography of Sullivan entitled ‘The Genius and the Mobocracy’, wrote ‘He remained away for six weeks at Ocean Springs...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1911) Pp 96-99 1911.00.1212
GA 25. Global Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, Houses in Oak Park & River Forest, Illinois. 1889-1913.  (Soft Cover) Futagawa, Yukio & Marlin, William (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1912) Pp 48 1912.00.0502
An Architect and His Client: Frank Lloyd Wright and Francis W. Little  (Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 2, 1973) Heckscher, Morrison; Miller, Elizabeth G. A catalog for an exhibition that is a prelude to the permanent installation of the great living room from Northome.  Exhibition includes examples of leaded glass, furniture, original drawings, photographs, letters and books from the Francis Little House, all from the Museum’s collection.   Text concerns The Architect, Client, House, Glass and Furniture.  Includes 24 phonographs and illustrations.  6.8 x 8.75. (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1914) Pp 24 1914.00.0507
In The Nature of Materials, The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by DeCapo) Hitchcock, Henry-Russell Original HC List Price $18.50.  (First Edition)   (Sweeney 1915) Pp 143 1915.00.0703
InNatureofMaterials 2.jpg (5071 bytes)
In The Nature of Materials, The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright  (Soft Cover)  (Published by DeCapo) Hitchcock, Henry-Russell Original SC List Price $14.95.  (Seventh Edition)  (Sweeney 1915) Pp 143 1915.00.0199
Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture, Oak Park, River Forest, Illinois (Soft Cover) (Published by Oak Park - River Forest Chamber of Commerce, Oak Park, Ill.) Ed: Sanderson, Warren Originally published in 1969 as a program and calendar of events celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright Day - June 8, 1969. Includes photos, drawings and map for 31 homes and structures. Original price $1.00. 8 x 8. (Two copies) (Second Edition)  (Sweeney 1918) Pp 28 1918.00.0500 1918.00.1111
Frank Lloyd Wright: A Bibliography  (Little House destruction)  (Soft Cover) Starosciak, Kenneth & Jane (#308 of 750 Copies) (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1919) Pp 44 1919.00.1000
FLWInterpretiveBio-Twombly 2.jpg (6515 bytes)
Frank Lloyd Wright: An Interpretive Biography  (Hard Cover - DJ)  (Published by Harper & Row, Publications, New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London) Twombly, Robert Twombly presents a complete look at the man who demythologized American architecture through liberating the concepts of ram materials, the wool and steel, which were his tools.  His strong horizontal lines, projecting eaves and centralized family areas spoke of Wright's understanding of the quality of life.  Portions of this work previously appear in "The Wisconsin Magazine of History" and in "American Quarterly". 5.6 x 8.4. (First Edition) (Sweeney 1920) Pp 373 1920.00.0199
Architecture in Chicago & Mid-America. A Photographic History (Soft Cover) (Published by Harper & Row, New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London) Andrews, Wayne Originally published in hardcover by Atheneum Publishers. Back cover: "In 260 photographs here are the important buildings of the middle west from the days of the Greek and Gothic Revivals to the present. Mansions in the Chicago area in Cleveland and Grosse Point are shown. The famous Chicago skyscrapers are included and the masterpieces of Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Saarinens. And there is the work of lesser known but significant architects such as Howard Van Doren Shaw...  Continue...  Pp 186 1940.21.0119
The Chicago School of Architecture. A plan for Preserving a Significant Remnant of America’s Architectural Heritage. (Soft Cover) (Published by the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service) Miller, Hugh C. "Between the late 1870's and the First World War one of the most significant architectural movements since the Renaissance flourished in Chicago. The "Chicago School," as it came to be called, produced an original architectural expression based on the application of industrial technology responsive to new economic demands and social concerns. Mirroring and shaping life styles, this architecture anticipated and influenced today's patterns of urban and suburban life in the United States and Europe...  Continue...  Pp 37 1940.19.0417
A History of The Modern Movement: Art, Architecture, Design (Soft Cover in Three Volumes) (Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York; Looking and Seeing, London) Rowland, Kurt Includes information on Sullivan and Wright. Photographs related to Frank Lloyd Wright’s work include: Vol 1: The Winslow, Willits, Martin, Robie and Coonley Houses as well as Unity Temple (p.43-47). Vol 3: Robie (p168) and Westcott House (p.180). Original price stamped inside $3.95 (each). 8.5 x 10.5 (First Edition)  Pp 240 1940.18.0716 (1-3)
America: An Illustrated Diary of Its Most Exciting Years  (Hard Cover - DJ) Wright, Frank Lloyd Ch. 6: Why the Japanese Earthquake Did Not Destroy the Hotel Imperial. One Chapter by Frank Lloyd Wright, includes six photos. (First Edition)  Pp Cover 46-55 1927.01.0402
Great Americans of the Twentieth Century, No. 708.  (Published by The Instructo Corp., Paoli, Pennsylvania. Subsidiary of McGraw-Hill) Anonymous Instruction booklet that accompanies set of 10 Posters. Set also includes 9.5 x 4 informational card.  Page 11 concerns Wright.  5.5 x 8.5. (First Edition)  Pp 11 1940.04.0906
Tesla Speaks (Through Mental Transmission or ESP) (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Unarius - Science of Life, El Cajon, California) Norman, Ruth E.; Speagel, V Dust jacket: "In regard to the manner in which this book Tesla Speaks was written, let it be said that it was not done in the usual manner of planning, effort, trial and error or of writing either with pen or on the typewriter - a thousand or more sheets, then the normal (for the earth man) way of sifting out the comparatively few pages - possibly two hundred or less, of the several thousand that the author later feels adequate to be installed within his book..." Chapter 30 (Pages 291-300). "8/7/73 -- 9:30 p.m. Frank...  Continue... Pp 334 1940.22.0118
GA 1: Global Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, Johnson & Son, Administration Building and Research Tower, Racine, Wisconsin. 1936-9  (Published by A. D. A. Edita Tokyo Co., Ltd. Tokyo) Edited and Photographed by Futagawa, Yukio; Text by Isozaki, Arata First Published in 1970.  Interior text in Japanese.  Includes 23 photographs and four illustrations.  Original cover price 2000¥. 10 x 14.25. (Second Edition) (Sweeney #1808) Pp 48 1808.01.0507
Together They Built a Mountain (Hard Cover DJ) (Published by Sutter House, Lititz, Pennsylvania) Davis, Patricia Talbot "For his entire professional life Mortimer J. Cohen served as rabbi to one Philadelphia congregation, Beth Sholom... He turned hopefully to America’s greatest living architect, Frank Lloyd Wright... It was to be the last building designed, supervised and completed by the architect before his death. This is the story of the special relationship between Wright and his friend and client, ‘My dear rabbi,’ Mortimer J. Cohen." (Dust Jacket) 6 x 9.25. (First Edition) (Sweeney 1941) Pp 179 1941.00.0613
Nakoma, Nakomis, Winnebago Indian Memorials: Two Sculptures by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1924; Bronze Edition, 1974.  (Soft Cover) Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Hubbard Associates Pamphlet includes a short biography on Wright, examples of Wright's Dana House, Midway Gardens and Imperial Hotel sculptures, Wright's original drawings of the Nakoma and Nakomis, and photographs of the two new bronze sculptures. On Wright's original drawing of the female squaw, the name Nakomis is clearly written twice, while on the drawing of the male chief there is no writing at all. This lead to the misconception that Nakoma was the Indian chief. 8 x 9" (First Edition)  (Sweeney 1942) Pp 12 1942.00.1004
Related Item:  Nakoma-Nakomis, Winnebago Indian Memorials: Two Sculptures by Frank Lloyd Wright 1924 Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Hubbard Associates Small Poster or Card announcing the exhibit or sale of the two sculptures. 5.5 x 8.5 1942.01.1201
Frank Lloyd Wright Week  (Soft Cover) Cultural Heritage Foundation & ASA This is a 12 page program for the Frank Lloyd Wright Week in Los Angeles.  Opening reception May 29, 1974.  Tours of Homes and Gallery on June 8-9, 1974.  (First Edition(Sweeney 1944) Pp 12 1944.00.0202
Frank Lloyd Wright. Prairie School of Architecture. A selection of Material in the Oak Park Public Library (Soft Cover, Self Cover) (Published by the Oak Park Public Library, Oak Park, Illinois) Oak Park Public Library This booklet lists a selection of titles from the library’s extensive holdings, with the aim of suggesting the variety of materials available. Sections include: Some reading about the Prairie School and its background; Works by and about Frank Lloyd Wright and their actives in the Prairie School; Important first editions; Foreign language editions; Pamphlets, catalogs, etc.; Periodicals; Non-print materials; Guides to area architecture available for...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1946) Pp 8 1946.00.1111
The Bridge and the Building: The art of government and the government of Art (Hard Cover DJ) (A Hearthstone Book. Published by Carlton Press, Inc., New York, N.Y. Stated: Revised edition. Copyright 1973, 1974, but no evidence of an earlier edition.) Radford, Evelyn Morris A study of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Marin County Civic Center and the Golden Gate Bridge. "Who would ever think, seeing the beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright designed Civic Center of Marin County, that it was born in controversy and still is the subject of debate... Radford explains the history of Marin County, its politics, the principal figures involved in making the Center a reality, and the effect of the controversy on the community." (From Dust Jacket.)...  Continue...  (Sweeney 1947) Pp 156 1947.00.1212
The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, The: A Complete Catalog (Hard Cover DJ) (The Mit Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, London) Storrer, William Allin; Foreword: Henry-Russell Hitchcock "This work is, first of all, the only publication that documents all of the buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that were actually constructed. Taken simply as a chronological listing, it is definitive and complete and includes a significant number of authentic buildings not found in previous listings. But beyond this, the book also offers a short commentary on each building and a picture of each extant structure. Most of the illustrations are photographs... Continue... (Sweeney 1948) Pp 450 1948.00.0616
Edmund Teske  (Soft Cover) Edmund Teske (Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery) Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Barnsdale Park. September 18 - October 20, 1974. A catalog for an exhibition of photographs. (First Edition(Sweeney 1949) Pp 29 1949.00.0804

Frank Lloyd Wright Research. Modern Architectural History Lecture Material. (Soft Cover) (Published by Nihon University Faculty of Engineering)

Tanigawa, Masami Japanese text is hand written. Chapters include: Frank Lloyd Wright; The Industrial Revolution Runs Away; Yamamura House; Imperial Hotel Manager; Manson, The Lean, Lost Years & Significant Years; Yamamura House Memo; Fukuhara House Memo; Odawara Hotel; Motion Picture Theater (Barnsdall); A Bibliographical list of 59 books. Includes 14 photographs and illustrations. Acquired from the estate of Wilbert and Marilyn Hasbrouck. 7 x 10 Pp 50 1963.20.1017

Le Matrici Di Una Architettura Organica. F. LL. Wright (The Matrix of An Organic Architecture) (Stiff Soft Cover with Wrapper) (Published by Teorema Edizioni, Florence)

Brunetti, Fabrizio "Frank Lloyd Wright's personality - the man and the architect - is still largely immersed in the mystery of the myth that he himself consciously created and carefully contributed to maintaining, has prevented, among other things, a historically correct assessment of the enormous architecture production and the vast theoretical commitment of the maximum protagonist of the organic movement. For this reason and why not lose the most current motives of Wright's heritage at such a crucial moment for the very... Continue... Pp 183 1949.01.0417
The Case of Frank L. Smith, A Study in Representative Government (Hard Cover) (First published in 1931 by The University of Chicago Press, Chicago. This reprint edition published by Arno Press, A New York Times Company, New York. Part of the Series "Politics and People. The Ordeal of Self-Government in America.") Wooddy, Carroll Hill Summary: Smith, Frank Leslie, a Representative and a Senator-elect from Illinois. This book describes the political career of Frank L. Smith, who refused his Senate seat in 1926 as a result of an investigation into his campaign finances. He was the Dwight village clerk in 1894; an unsuccessful candidate for lieutenant governor 1904; internal-revenue collector 1905-1906; elected as a Republican to the...  Continue...  See our Study on the Frank l. Smith Bank Pp 393 1963.16.0815
W. Irving Way, 1853-1931, An autobiographical fragment. (Privately published for the 1974 joint meeting of the Roxburghe and Zamorano Clubs on September 28 and 29 in Los Angeles, from Roby Wentz and Grant Dahlstrom. Limited Edition.) Way, W. Irving; Introductory Note: Wentz, Roby; Originally transcribed by: Earle, Homer P. Note: On February 3, 1936, Zamoranan Harold C. Chambers wrote Zamoranan Charles K Adams that, while going through the archives of the then-eight-year-old Zamorano Club, he had found a short autobiographical note by W. Irving Way, and honorary founding member and the Club’s erstwhile Secretary and Curator of the Club library. Chambers suggested to Adams that Way’s notes should be published in Hoja Volante... The...  Continue...   See our Study on Way & Williams. Pp i-x, 5 1963.06.0511
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